Happy Valentine's Everyone

"I yuv everyone 'cause it balentine's day, mommy"

Tyler had his very first Valentine's Day party at school yesterday. He was so excited to tell me about it that he could barely get the words out (literally!)


Tylerisms of the day...

"Mommy, my feelings hurt."
"Why are your feelings hurt Tyler?"
(pointing to his tummy) "Because there is poop stuck in them."

Man... the things this guys comes up with are hilarious. We figured that this came about because someone must have told him that his feelings are inside of him. He is an endless source of fun and laughs these days.

"Mommy, I want my bones come out now."

We are always telling him that he needs to eat healthy and sleep so that his bones grow big. Well, I guess he has heard so much about these bones that he wants to see them.


Tyler and mom at the Zoo.

Emma and Jenny came to visit for the weekend and we headed to the zoo for an outing. It was sure cold but we kept warm by making it to almost every animal. Tyler's favorite activity of the day was milking the cow!

What crazy kids we have! Gotta love them.

Begining our Website.

I have begun this web site to keep family and friends up to date. Life with as a working mom, with a husband in law school and a two year old gets a little hectic leaving little time to keep up with friends and family. 2008 has a lot in store for us and I thought this would be the best way to keep everyone up to date (and to show off pictures of Tyler).