My four year old!

Tyler had his 4 year well child check this week.  This is how he measures up...
44 inches tall- above the 95th%
39 pounds- 70th%
All went well and he was more than happy to cooperate with the eye and hearing exams, of which he passed with flying colors, until it came time for shots.  I had been preparing him for them all week so as not to surprise him when the time came.  He was all prepared to be the bravest little boy, climbing right up onto the table for the nurse and even refusing a hand hold from mom.  Well, that quickly ended when the first shot hit.  The look on his face was of shear terror.  From that point on it was a wrestling match that ended with a crying mother, a very upset little boy and a nurse having been kicked in the face.  I think it was very close to the worst day of my life.  I never thought getting shots would effect me like that, but it did.  The fact that I literally had to pin him down while allowing someone to poke him with 4 needles was heart wrenching.  Thus proving exactly why I could never do PICU!  Needless to say the rest of the day was all about Tyler and whatever he wanted.  He got a pretty cool Batman toy out of the whole deal.  What a sucker I am!
Here is a quick picture of him at his check up... pre-shots!


Thursday night... movie night

Ever since Dan left Tyler and I have had a tradition of having a movie night on thursday night.  Since he doesn't have school on Friday's that is usually followed by a friday jammie day.  Tonight we are watching Ratatoille while dining on fine microwave popcorn.  Love it!  Who knows how many more of these we will have with just Tyler and I.  Check out his new big boy haircut too!

Sun, Sun, Sun, Here we come!


Oh glorious sun!

Finally spring has sprung in Seattle!  We have taken full advantage of it with 3 days full of playing at the park, picnics, beach outings and yard work.  I couldn't have asked for a better couple of days.  I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  Only 2 more days though!
Another happy note... we are 38 3/7 weeks pregnant and the countdown is on.  It was a scary realization today when I was leaving the doctor's office, I only have one more appointment to go.  Although the pregnancy is getting harder on my body I am not quite ready to be done with it.  I do love being pregnant.  I am, however, very excited to have Dan home and to experience the birth together.  He will start his journey home in a mere 8 days!  YEAH!   Tyler is more excited than anyone but I think he is done with the talking about it and ready for some action.  I can't wait to see the look on his face when Dan walks off that plane!

38 3/7 weeks!

Tyler and Karsten hanging out at the park.

1...2...3... JUMP!

Time to move on to the big climbing wall.


PIcture post

Me and the gals getting a little pampering at my baby shower.
Thanks gals!

Colleen and Claire

Our Easter "family" photo.


Happy Easter and only 20 days left!

Easter is here!  That means we are so close to Dan being home, yeah!  This was the last major milestone we had to get through.  Tyler had fun on the neighborhood Easter Egg hunt yesterday and was quite surprised when he woke up to an Easter basket with a present in it.  I had kept that part a secret from him so I wasn't being constantly bugged about what he wanted :)  This morning it is a lazy morning for us and then of to church and the chaos that is my parents house for brunch.  
Baby Bugbee is celebrating in his own way, apparently.  He had me up a couple of times throughout the night with his kicking and turning.  I have a feeling he is trying to make a break for it.  I did have a discussion with him that he needs to stay in for at lease 20 more days, no questions asked!  We'll see if he obeys!
I added some pictures of our Snoqualmie falls hike on friday.  Tyler and I were sitting watching George on friday morning (our typical friday jammie day) and he mentioned he would like to go for a hike.  So, off we went.  Katie and Ethan joined us for the adventure too.  Tyler learned all about water power.  It was a lot of fun!

Can't do without a funny face picture!


So not ready yet...

As we draw closer and closer to the day of our new arrival I am feeling less and less ready.  All the decisions that surround the arrival are weighing heavy and I am not quite sure I am ready to give up my belly yet.  It seems odd for me to say since I can clearly remember many tears being shed in the weeks before Tyler was born.  I was so anxious to have him out!  What was I thinking?  I am one person that enjoys the pregnancy part, and knowing what comes next I am willing to wait a little longer this time.  I am eager to see him, hold him and love him but I know how fast it all goes.  Right now I am just trying to enjoy every moment, because these are ones that we can never get back.  I will never be just a mom to Tyler, Tyler will never be the only child anymore, we will never be a family of 3 again, so many things to say goodbye to... and so many things to look forward to.  It is all such a big change that I haven't really grasped onto yet.  
The good thing is that all the physical stuff is ready.  The crib is up, the diapers are bought, the clothes are washed, etc.  Now I need to work on the mental preparation for what is to come.  Am I going to be a good mom to two boys?  Is this one going to sleep as well as Tyler did?
Am I going to be able to do this on my own for 4 months?  How are we going to work childcare for two children?  Will Tyler accept the new baby?  I could go on about all the fears I have but the fact is, they will not change.  I know that we will get through, like we always do.  And hopefully in the process we will have many memories to keep with us.  
Not only are we eagerly awaiting the baby, but also Dan.  He is set to come home on the 3rd (leaving Iraq on the 1st).  Seeing as how my due date is the 3rd, we are cutting it a little close.  But, we will take what we can get.  Tyler is ecstatic!  We have a calendar posted that we are counting down the days on.  Hopefully this little one doesn't choose to make his arrival before he gets here.  

"The Boys" room all ready to go!

Baby Bugbee at 36 3/7 weeks!


Is this really SPRING break?

Well, Tyler has had the week off school, but I can't say that it is really a "spring" break.  The weather has been exceptionally awful and we are hurting for things to do that don't involve being outside.  I am sure that it has rained more this week than it did all winter!  I was very tempted to take a last minute trip to California for some sun! 
Wednesday Tyler got to attend a fun sports camp at the community center near our house while I took the chance to pick up some overtime at work.  He spent 3 hours running, bouncing and playing soccer and then headed to swimming lessons for some more.  Never have I seen him fall asleep so fast!
Tuesday we were able to catch a break in the rain to get outside and blow a few bubbles!

In our quest to stay busy we headed out to the Shoreline Fire Station today to visit Uncle Mark.  I have to say that it was probably the highlight of the week!  Thanks Uncle Mark for a memorable visit.  Not sure who had more fun Tyler or Nana!

We got the chance to talk to Dan a couple of times this week.  He remains pretty upbeat as we are nearing his homecoming.  We are both anxious to get him home and be a family, even if it is just for 2 weeks right now.  We both agree that it seems like it has already been a year since we have seen each other.  At this point I am not quite sure how we are going to make it through another 4 months.  This deployment has seemed never ending.  While the time has been difficult I have used this as a reassurance of our love and commitment.  I miss him so much, I couldn't imagine living my life without him in it.  I especially miss seeing him with Tyler.  I can only imagine the fun we are going to have with 2 little boys!  We love you Dan!