Waking up is hard to do!

Somehow I have been blessed with 2 wonderfully great sleepers.  So far Alex has taken after his brother and is on a pretty set schedule.  He wakes every 4-5 hours at night to eat and then goes right back to sleep (most of the time).  I most certainly cannot complain.  I most certainly will not mention the fact that he is in my bed.  What kind of NICU nurse am I? Alex is growing up so fast!  I can't believe that we are 25 days old already.  Time most certainly needs to slow down for Alex yet speed up to get Dan home!
Tyler is handling all the changes pretty well for the most part.  He is a little more whiney than normal.  I can only imagine it is his way of getting my attention... even if it isn't the kind of attention he wants.  We have a mom and me outing planned for this weekend so hopefully some one and one time will take care of some of the unwanted behaviors.  He loves his little brother though and is always wanting to entertain him.  Tyler is constantly asking me what Alex is thinking.  Once Alex starts smiling and laughing I can only imagine the shows that Tyler will put on.
We have been keeping very busy with friends and family.  I was able to escape both yesterday and today for an outing with friends while Tyler was at school.  Thank goodness for friends, they keep you sane in the most stressful of times.  Thanks guys for keeping me company!  I am looking forward to many more adventures this summer with both boys in tow.


I am in love...

with his big blue eyes,

with his cute little hands,

with his teeny tiny feet,

and his perfect little ears...

I am in love with my boys!


So why is it that they don't send you home from the hospital with a book of directions?  In my case, not for the baby, but for me.  Although this last week and a half has been blissful with my beautiful newborn, I on the other hand, haven't experienced such bliss.  No one tells you how different it is to be the mother of 2.  How different it is to come home with this precious little newborn when a 4 year old is there waiting for you.  How different it is when it is not all about you anymore.  How different it is to be 4 instead of 3.  Don't get me wrong... it is wonderful, but it is also different.  I was not mentally prepared for the change.   The thoughts of how I am going to completely love both of these children run rampant in my mind.  Is it possible?  
Not only was I not ready for the difference but I was also not ready to be done with pregnancy.  Although I was anxious to meet this new little guy, I was not ready to give up the belly, the feeling of him kicking inside of me, the secret that only he and I had.  I have found myself mourning the loss of that.  Putting away my maternity clothes was such an emotional time for me.  I know, I am weird, but I am one person that truly enjoys every aspect of pregnancy and child birth.  I don't, however, enjoy the ending of it all.  Coming home from the hospital and every day since I wake up sad that my little one is already one day older.  I so enjoy this stage and this experience that I have a hard time letting it pass and looking forward to what is to come.  No, instead I dwell on it's passing and waste my today worrying about tomorrow.  I know this is all complicated by the fact that my husband will be leaving us in 1 short day.  It can't really have been 2 weeks already?  But as I have said before... we will make it through, we always do.  It has been an emotional and very busy 2 weeks.  Although these next 2 days will not be easy I am looking forward to some normalcy and routine that will come.  And the countdown to daddy coming home for good will begin!


Tyler and Alexander

So many people have commented on the similarities of the boys.  I thought I would do a comparison post.  Here are 2 pictures of the boys at 1 day of age.  Although Tyler was quite a bit smaller there are some obvious similarities noted.  The later pictures of Tyler look a little more like Alex.  
Gotta love these two!


Life as a family of 4...

It has been a busy couple of days for the Bugbee family of four.  We are slowly growing accustomed to life with 2 boys.  Alexander is a champ, sleeping 3-4 hours at a time and nursing very well.  Tyler loves being a big brother, as long as he is getting equal attention.  As I write that and post pictures I realize how few I have taken of Tyler.  Poor kid.  I think he is actually enjoying the break from the camera.  
Dan's family has been in town for a visit.  We were able to walk around the Pike Place Market and get some lunch.  It was a fun outing.  Afterwards was Alex's first doctor appointment.  He is 6-13 and doing very well.  Dr. Champoux was being followed by a  resident that I have worked with at the hospital so she got to do the exam.  They were excited to have a newborn exam to do, as Dr. Champoux doesn't have many newborn's anymore.  
Today we are headed to the zoo to enjoy the sunny day.  Maybe we will catch a glimpse of the new penguin exhibit!    
Alex at the Doctor's office.  He was not happy to have his clothes off!

All snuggled in for a trip to the Pike Place Market.

Nap time with Daddy.

Before leaving the hospital on wednesday.  Finally some eyes!

All ready to go home!


A few more pictures...

Here he is!

Alexander Daniel Bugbee
May 4th, 2009 at 4:33 pm
7 pounds 3 ounces
19 inches

Alex and mom are doing great.  Tyler is very excited to have a new baby brother and Dan is one proud papa!  More pictures will be posted as soon as I get the cord to upload from my camera!


Daddy's Home!!

Sorry it is sideways, I forgot to remind Colleen before she started filming. :)  Nevertheless we are very happy to have daddy home... as you can tell!


He is on his way... Dan that is!

Well, I finally heard from Dan last night.  He is in Kuwait and will be heading out on a flight around noon today.  His flight path will take him to Texas where he will finally get to ride on a more comfortable civilian plane back to Seattle.  He is due to arrive in Seattle tomorrow evening.  We are so anxious for him to get here.  Let the chaos begin!
On the home front Tyler and I have been busy preparing for daddy and the new baby while fighting some horrible colds/flu.  It has been pretty miserable but we are on the mend.  Thank goodness for parents when you are a single mom and can't get yourself out of bed!

In the meantime is a a little clip on my (I guess I should really say our) little gymnast.  He loves his gymnastics class!