Two peas in a pod

These two, they kind of light up my life.  

They are two peas in a pod these two.
Much to Nana's chagrin, who does Graham call for first thing when we drive up to their house?  Boppa!  This is the boy who has all of about 5 words, one being Boppa, of course.
We just spent the last 3 weeks with Nana and Boppa and despite Graham's constant desire to get into everything, I think my dad kind of enjoyed it.  He is his little side kick, his garage companion, his "helper", and the watchdog of all things that could possibly be Boppa's.  Stray phone lying around, or remote control,  never fear, Graham will find it and promptly deliver it yelling, "Boppa's Boppa's".  I am pretty sure he studies Boppa's every move with the ultimate desire to do everything he does.  Even down to his cup of milk that he will hide behind the tv cabinet door like boppa hides his wine glass from him.  It's hilarious.  In the morning, what does he do, takes his bottle and places it in the coffee maker like boppa does his cup for him morning cup of coffee.  
I love that he loves his boppa.  But even more, I love that his boppa loves him!