A weekend with no child?!!!!!

So, after much apprehension I decided that it would be okay to send Tyler to California by himself for the weekend.  A very gracious family friend of Dan's Family had offered to take him down and it just so worked out that it was my weekend off.  While I contemplated, and actually tried trading shifts to work this weekend, I am very glad that I didn't.  I have been more productive this weekend that I have in a long time.  

What to do with a weekend with no child?
-sleep in
-clean the carpets
-run errands that have been on the to-do list for months
-sort through piles of toys
-prepare the baby bed (I would say room, but it's really Tyler's room)
-update the web site
-patch and paint the holes from where Tyler pulled the hand railing out of the wall!
-take pictures of the belly

So we all win.  Tyler is having so much fun with his grandparents and I am able to get some much needed stuff done around the house.  As if this weekend wasn't great enough, Jenny and Emma came to hang out and help get everything ready.  It has been fun to spend some relaxing time with friends and have a helper to get everything in it's place!  A few pictures from the past weeks...

30 weeks and counting

Tyler and I headed to the park to enjoy a little Seattle sun.  This was his hiding spot while playing hide and seek with another little boy.

My birthday flowers from the hubby... Love him!


It's a 2 post kind of day...

A day at Discovery Park.  And a hike that turned out to be a little longer than we expected!

Questions, questions!

I can vividly remember riding in the car with my nieces and nephews while listening to their never ending chain of questions.  I will have to admit that I would get easily annoyed by their relentlessness.   I find it funny how every thing is so different when it is your own child.  These days I welcome the questions and try my best to answer them in all honesty.  Here is a sample of the endless questions he had on our short drive home from Bellevue Square:
-Mom, why can't we see our bodies growing?
-Does my baby hurt you when he is kicking?
-Why aren't you going fast?
-What is speed limit?
-What's that light for? (pointing to the freeway entrance traffic light.)
-Why does that car have that red light on it?
-What are breaks?
-Can I push on the brakes?
-Mommy, do you have lots of money?  You can have some of my pennies when you need them.
I love his inquisitiveness.  He is in such a fun, energetic, interesting stage.  I cherish each day that I have with him, even when he has me in tears.  I know that this time will end all too quickly and I will give anything to get it back.  

Last monday, in true Seattle fashion, it snowed and the city shut down.  I can't even say it was really snow, however, school was cancelled.  What to do on a day when there is no school...

How about a little coloring.

... and maybe some housecleaning

...and last but not least, making cookies for "daddy and all the soldiers".
All while spending the day in our jammies!  Love it.


It is never easy to have a husband deployed, but having kids makes it even more emotionally draining.  I make it a point to keep Dan well informed on everything that is going on here at home so that he doesn't totally feel like he is missing out.  Tyler is going through such a wonderful stage right now and I am bummed that Dan can't be here to enjoy it with me.  He is, for the most part, a very well behaved and fun kid to be around.  (Finally, the years of consistent discipline has payed off!)  Tyler comes up with the most amazing things so there is never a lack of things to write about.  Here is this weeks top quote from Tyler... "Mom (big sigh), lots of people ordered Obama, so he put McCain in the garbage."  Where does he get this stuff?  Needless to say, Dan got a kick out of it!  I know it makes him feel just a little closer to home when he can here about the little things that go on here.  

Tyler teaching Maddie the logistics of the ring toy.

My weekend with the girls.

Tyler and Grandpa hard at work.

Just a random photo that I took.  My little guys is getting so big, check out those feet!

Sure a big change from almost 4 years ago!