Cooling off in Camano Island

Thank goodness for the Hirst's is all I have to say. My wonderful sister and her in-laws invited us out to their beach house for a visit and I couldn't have been more thankful to escape the record breaking heat. Tyler, Alex and I basked in the 80 degree weather while everyone back home was baking in 100+ degrees! What a way to spend my mom's 67th birthday! Tyler got to go out on the boat, pick up crab pots, go on beach walks, play with his cousins, sleep in a bunk bed and swim in the ocean at 9 pm! Alex was a angel and put up with a lot of doting by the older cousins. And I may have taken more than 200 pictures while we were there... now thats my kind of day! Many thanks to the Hirst's!
Oh yeah... and the most exciting news of all... Dan in on his way back to the states! Although he won't be home for another 29 days, at least we can rest easy knowing that he is safe and sound! We love you babe!

This one is for you Babe!
Aunty Nene and Alex
The Cousins
Taking a dip in the ocean before bed time
Out on the boat with Marky
Momma loves
Aunty Carrie
Helping Uncle Blythe clean the crabs... YUCK!
Happy Birthday Nana! We love you!
Yum, crab!

The cousins couldn't get enough of Alex. He was such a trooper.
There are no words for this one. We love you dad!
The doting big brother!
Tyler and Karsten found all sorts of treasures on our beach walk

Sunset... Perfection!


12 weeks of heaven

Today you are 12 weeks old. I can't tell you how wonderful these past 12 weeks have been and how excited I am to see where the next 12 weeks will take us. Your daddy is going to be so surprised when he comes home to see how much you have grown. I can't wait to see the look in his eyes when he finally gets to hold you again and to watch your relationship grow. You are going to love your daddy, he is the absolute best!
Everyone says that you look like you big brother, but I think you look like you! You and your big brother are amazing gifts from God and I thank Him every day for bring you two into our lives. You have been a wonderfully simple baby, sleeping through the night at 7 weeks and only crying when it is time to eat or when you are ready to be swaddled and put to bed. You came into our family and have changed us forever. We are so lucky to have you!

I love your big blue eyes
I love your crooked little grin
I love the way you watch your big brother with such intensity
I love the way you are starting to reach for your toys
I love the way you get excited when I talk to you
I love your little toes
I love how you fit into my arms
I love that you can only go to sleep if you have your blankie over your face
I love your precious little coo's and how it takes so much concentration to do it
I love the little creases in you thighs
I love your ears
I love the way you hold onto my shirt while I am nursing you
I love the way you open your mouth so big when I kiss you
I love the smile you flash when you are looking at your self in the mirror
I love the way you kick and splash when you are in the bath
I love your head full of the blondest peach fuzz I have ever seen
I love the way you stare at me as you are falling asleep
I love that when you are tired you only want mommy
I love the way that you look like your daddy


And another...

Today was a hot day! There was no way we were going to be in out sweltering 87 degree house. So, we packed up and headed to the beach club. Alex took a nice 2 hour nap in the shade while I soaked in some rays (maybe a few to many by the looks of my stomach) and Tyler cooled off in the lake. As soon as the lifeguards packed up Tyler was dying to go off the diving board. Luckily Abby was there to go in with him. He had a blast and was so excited that he could jump in a swim to the ladder all by himself. My goodness, bike riding, swimming in the lake, what's next?
I couldn't help but think about how much I want Dan home to see all this and do all this. I am not sure how I am going to make it through another month. I miss him so much!


Tour de France on 39th Ave

Tyler and I both got a bee in our bonnets last night. We were bound and determined to get him up on 2 wheels! Unfortunately, it was 85 degrees out yesterday and we were roasting. But, we did it! An hour of running up and down the street hunched over, holding onto the bike and saving him from certain injury was worth every minute. He still has some work to do on his steering but, by golly, I think he's got it! Yeah for Tyler.
As for me... I came in and popped the ibuprofen and got out the ice for my worsening plantar fasciitis. Not something I am very happy about in my quest to get back in shape and lose these last 5 lbs of baby weight!
Dan is going to be so proud of his big boy and his momma too. We can't wait to have him home and show him in person. Only 37 days to go. Tyler and I are always talking about all the fun things we are going to do when daddy gets home. For Tyler that entails wrestling, wrestling and, uh, more wrestling. For me it entails date nights, family dinners, outings to the park and evening walks while holding hands. Ahh, I can't wait!

It may have taken him a few falls...
but he kept trying and he did it!
I am so proud of you Bugs!


What to do on a hot day in Seattle...

head to the village for a picnic (and Starbuck's for mom)...
and a run through the fountain!
I got a lot of evil looks as Tyler was innocently collecting pennies from the fountain. Don't worry, I made him through them back!

Thank goodness for friends like these!

Our bestest friends Jeff and Lolo have been such a blessing during this deployment. They were regular caretakers of Tyler while I was working and have been there for whatever I need whether it is someone to talk to or a project around the house. Tyler just adores them. Before Alex was born he would spend the night with them once or twice a month. Since Alex's birth I haven't needed the help with Tyler since I am not working. Well, Tyler started asking when he could have a overnight again. Lolo and Jeff jumped at the chance to have him spend the night again and we planned it for friday. I am not sure who was more excited me, or Tyler. I got to enjoy some much needed down time with Alex. We ventured down to Magnuson where we enjoyed some music with my work friends Wendy, Fiona and Mitzi. So much fun! Alex even seemed to enjoy the music and watching all the kids dancing. The girls got to get their baby fixes in too...

Saturday morning was heaven. Alex and I slept in until 0930. I got up, had a cup of coffee and we were off for our run. I made it 4.5 miles today, yeah!

Later we met Lauren, Jeff and Tyler at the Magnolia pool where we did a little swimming. Tyler had a blast swimming and going down the slide. Alex had his second dip in the pool and seemed to like it.

Alex is already taking after his brother. Always has to have his goggles!

Thanks guys, we love you!

I am in so much trouble...

OK, so I have never claimed to be a green thumb and that is definitely not the reason Dan married me. But would he ever have guessed that it would be this bad! I have a lot of work to do before he gets home.

This is the state of the grass in the backyard. Hey, I am the one that pays the water bill!
Dan so kindly planted lemon cucumbers and tomatoes while he was home. Look what I have done to them...

... and I won't even start on what I have managed to do to the roses.
Hurry home Dan, our yard needs you!