Loving this right now...


these three beautiful boys,

and every moment of him...

Wish that these three things left me more time to clean my house and update my blog, but hey, we can't have everything can we?  


Road Trippin'

I am still not sure if we were smart or insane but we did it and we survived.  The 820 mile trek to Petaluma, Ca with 4 kids, 2 moms, 1 dog and a lot of baggage didn't seem so bad... until it was time to turn around and drive home that is.
The kids did great being that we drove through the night.  Colleen and I survived the night on coffee, 5 hour energy and diet coke.  Pretty sure the cop that pulled us over in Salem thought we were hopped up on something.  Nonetheless he let us go with a speeding ticket and no questions asked.  Just a little added excitement to keep us awake.

Our morning stop at McDonalds.

We made it to the 80 degree weather and into the pool they went.

They couldn't wait to pay the horses a visit.

Soggy diapers and popsicles, what more could a baby want?

Ready to ride.

Part 2 to follow...