Uh- oh

This was my day...

need I say more?

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We DID the Puyallup!

Or rather...
Alex ate his way through the Puyallup,
(meal #1: Cheeseburger)

(meal #2: Krusty Pup)

(meal #3: Elephant ear)

Tyler Muttin' Busted his way through the Puyallup

(It was a personal best for him!)
I photographed the Puyallup,

And Dan, well, he did his best to keep us all happy

This little dude was ready for bed by the end... as were we!




Is it weird that this makes me want a minivan REAL bad?

Somehow, I just can't talk Dan into it.



It was a beautiful day at Kerry Park

Every once in awhile I get in these nostalgic moods. Well, today was another one of those days. Since the boys and I were out and about I decided to take them to one of my all time favorite high school hang outs, Kerry Park in Queen Anne. I didn't tell them what we used to do there ;) The boys had a lot of fun, I got some cute pictures and we got to enjoy another sunny fall day in Seattle.

I ♥ my boys!



Nobody said the paparazzi would be there!

Tyler James is officially a kindergartner... and loving it! I will admit that I was the teeniest bit sad the first day but after seeing the smile on his face when I get to go pick him up it was well worth the worry. He was so ready for this and is thriving in the learning, strucure and friendships that school is providing him. The best part is that this has helped us get over an incredibly hard hump that summer provided us with. His behavior is SO much better and I actually feel like a decent mom again. I tell you, there is nothing like a back talking, fit throwing, whining five year old to take away all your confidence as a parent.
The only part he is not so fond of is being woken up at 0715. Somehow I can't blame him, especially now that it is still dark when we get up. His usual morning greeting for me is "no, I am not getting up! It is still night time." as he pulls the covers back over his head. I feel ya kiddo! It ain't my cup of tea either.
The first morning was quite the site. It was literally 80 plus parents clamoring to get shot of their little ones as if they were celebrities walking the red carpet. There was shoving, pushing and wall climbing, all in the name of getting that perfect first day of school picture. And yes, you better believe that I was in there with my super zoom lense clicking away as my little one crossed over the threshold into the next 9 years of his life. It's a very smart thing that they don't let us camera crazed parents past the front doors... we might never leave.
Not only did my first born start kindergarten but he lost 2 teeth this week... Thanks to Claire and a pillow!
It's really starting to set in that he IS growing up and there is nothing that I can do about it but embrace each moment, the good and the bad, because I will never get these back.

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16 months...

Alexander Daniel,
You are now a whopping 16 months old. Before we know it you are going to be asking us for the car keys so you can take your girlfriend to a movie. Ugh, the thought!
Thank goodness for now you our little boy and the light of our lives.
You are no longer a walker, but a runner. No longer a babbler, but a talker. You say words like cookie (that's your favorite), Nana, Boppa, cracker, dog, truck, duck, bobo and dink (aka binky), more, dada and lots more. You are very polite and always use your please's and thank you's. My most favorite, though, is when I hear you calling from you bed "Moooommaaaaa" each time you wake up. Tyler and I frequently argue over who gets to go in the room first to get you.
When we notice that you are sleepy and ask you if you want to go ni-night you politely shake your head yes. You are still sleeping like a mad man on most days. You have been known to sleep in until 10 or 11am and then proceed to nap for 3-4 hours later in the afternoon. On the days that you are up earlier, you almost always need 2 naps to get through the day. Mommy is a little worried about how we are going to shuffle this with Tyler's pick up and drop off times.
You love your books! We find you in your room many times a day pulling the books off the shelves and quietly reading them to yourself. Much to Tyler's chagrin you have taken a new interest in his toys. He is very good about sharing the "appropriate toys" and entertaining you while mommy makes dinner (or blogs:)).
You now have 10 teeth, 2 of which are molars! You use those theether's to eat jsut about anything although you are getting just a bit pickier. You frequently plow through a whole corn on the cob. This is most definitely your favorite. You love to "use" a spoon. But really it is just you holding it in your left hand while you shovel food in with your right.
You LOVE the park! However, Mommy gets very nervous with your new climbing skills. Last week you went down the slide for the first time all by yourself! You then had to do it about 10 more times. Of course I was happy to sit there and soak in the smiles on your face while Tyler and I laughed at your hair sticking up on end as if you had stuck your finger in a socket.
You do funny things like knuckles, dancing (sorry kid, you were born into a family with not much talent in this area. You haven't quite figured that out yet though, so you go with your bad self.), making people smell your bo-bo, and pooping on the floor (this wasn't so funny at the time). You are the happiest little dude and never hesitate to let us know what you want.
I know I have said it before and I will say it a million more times...
You were meant for our family! We love you to the moon and back and couldn't imagine not having you here!
Happy 16 months little man!