Three weeks

Three weeks as a family of six... Yes six!  It still feels so weird to say that.  It still feels unreal to look into the eyes of my very own little baby girl.  This wasn't supposed to be.  She wasn't supposed to be. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank God for giving her to us.  That is the only way I can describe her, a true gift from God.  
Evie is not the easiest baby, but not the toughest either.  She is not the best sleeper but most definitely not the worst.  She loves to be held, hates to be nudie and let's us know when she wants to eat.  She tolerates her brothers constant movement, poking and noise and has proven she won't get lost in the crowd.  She is perfection.  She completes our little family in such a perfect way.
As with each and every one of my kids, I hate to see the, grow up.  It all goes too fast.  I don't want these baby snuggles to end.  Yes, there is so much to look forward to, but there is no hiding that this is my very favorite.  Just look at what I do for a living.  This being my last I want to have no regrets, no I wish I had's or I should have done that's.  I am drinking in every moment of her, of all my kids.  I watch them and take in every bit of who they are today without worrying about what they will be, or won't be, tomorrow.  I have my moment, sure.  But my goal in life from this day forward is to live for today, have no regrets and love like there is no tomorrow.  
Life is so precious.



Miss Evelyn has quickly earned the nickname Princess in our house.  Alex was the first to start calling her this and he will quickly inform anyone he is introducing her to that she is the Princess.  He is so proud of his little sister.  
Two weeks has passed since we brought this little one home.  We are settling into life with a newborn once again, which she makes it pretty easy to do.  She is the perfect addition to our family.  In more ways than one, this little one completes us.


Evelyn Anne

This post has been in the making for awhile.  I am not quite sure why its so hard for me to get down.  Is it because I have a newborn that doesn't like to sleep at night unless she is attached to my boob, maybe.  Is it because all I want to do during the day when I have a free moment is take a nap, well yes.  Or is it that any other free time I have I want to spend taking in every precious moment with this little babe.  Yes.  Or, might it be that there is a small part of me that is sad.  Sad that I missed out on the last few weeks of my pregnancy... my last pregnancy.  A little bit.  Don't get me wrong, I am loving having my little girl in my life.  But this being my fourth, I am quite aware of how fast it all goes.  Before I know it, this sweet little five pound bundle of cuteness will be too cool for my snuggles and holding momma's hand.  13 days old and I am already worrying about this day.  Keeping her in those extra 11 days would not have made any difference, but in my current state it would have made every difference.  

13 days ago my every dream came true.  Our daughter, Evelyn Anne, was welcomed into our family and into our hearts.  It was the most chaotic, amazing, unexpected and eventful day ever.  The days preceding were spent with one of my besties and her daughter, Emma.  We worked from morning until night getting this house in order for the upcoming arrival.  This would also be the first time that Jenny has been able to make it to one of my baby showers, which was planned for Saturday.  Friday we headed to the big wheel for an outing with the kids.  Jenny took some wonderful pictures of me with my boys.  Saturday morning was then met by the unexpected.  The excitement of my shower was quickly replaced by worry when I found that I was bleeding.


In true Bugbee fashion the morning was a whirlwind.  Dan had to take Tyler to his baseball practice, Jenny and I dropped off the other boys at my parents and headed into the hospital for some monitoring.  Being hooked up to the monitors we quickly realized that I was contracting more than we thought.  The nifedipine I had been on for the last two weeks was doing little to stop them.  Although these contractions would have been nothing more than braxton hicks for a normal pregnancy I was at higher risk for more bleeding the longer they continued.  I was admitted to the hospital for continuous monitoring for a minimum of a week, or so we thought.  Dan had made it up to the hospital, gotten the update and checked in on me.  He was given the green light to head home and prepare some stuff for the boy's Easter baskets, which I had yet to do.   Jenny and Emma decided that they would head home as it didn't seem as if anything would be happening any time soon.

Of course, not more than 30 minutes after everyone left the doctor returned to inform us that, after consulting the perinatologist, they were going to be sectioning me today, better yet, an hour from now.  Jenny quickly turned around and made it back up to the hospital.   She called Dan while the streams of people worked on me. All I could hear from the bed was "Dan, you need to come back to the hospital.  Yes, now.  Yes, like right now.  No, not in 30 minutes, NOW."  And so it began.

I was prepped and sent back to the operating room for my spinal and Dan made it just as I was being laid down.  A mere 20 minutes later, at 4:07, we heard the sweet cry of our baby girl.