Santa Breakfast

This year we were lucky enough to go to our very first Santa Breakfast courtesy of Patty, AKA Grandma B, and the Hofmeister's.  The boys had so much fun visiting with Santa, watching the Nutcracker and playing with the clowns. What a wonderful event to be able to share in.
Thank you guys for including us on the special day.

Tyler may have even rubbed elbows with a certain Marcus Trufant.
Not sure who was more excited, Tyler or Dan.

Catching up and Little Lou Bug

I am severely behind in my blogging.  I've been in a funk and the further behind I got, the less I wanted to do it... until today.  Figured if I was going to be laid up in bed all day with the flu I might as well get to editing and posting.

A few weeks back we were lucky enough to get Lucy for 2 whole days, while her momma and poppa worked.  While it has temporarily put to rest my desire for a forth child, it still managed to be a lot of fun.

I even managed to get out for a run and staged a little photo shoot at Magnuson.  Miss Lou is smitten with our Graham Baby.
I may have even tackled the University Village at Christmas time just for some time out of the house.  Can't tell you how many looks I got and even some inquiries if they were twins.  Really People?


Christmas Pageant

The first of many!

So proud of my first grader.


{six} months

It's taking some serious emotional strength tonight (and some wine) to write this post.  I have been putting it off because I don't want it to be so.  My LITTLE man is 6 months old.  
One half of a year old.  
178 days old.  
4,272 hours old.  
256,320 minutes old.  
How is it so?
How is it that a year ago we didn't even know what this little bean was?  We were eagerly awaiting January 18th to verify that we were in fact having a girl.  I was SURE we were having a girl. 
Now, here we are a family of 5.  Four boys, one girl.  And I couldn't imagine my life any other way.  
Graham baby has made life with 3 boys better than I could have ever imagined.  He is the peanut butter to our jelly.  He made me regret every moment that I cried when we found out there was something wrong  with him.  He is perfect in every way.  His imperfections make him even more perfect to me.  To us.  Everyday his crooked little smile makes me thankful that he was given to us.  
He WAS meant for us.
Yes, I am eagerly awaiting all these days we have with him.  Watching him grow.  Watching him become the little boy that he is going to be.  But I am also cherishing these moments.  The moments of middle of the night snuggling, breast feeding and never putting him down (and I wonder why he is not sitting up yet).  He will always be my baby because, I guess, this is it for us.  I have all the infant toys littering our living room because I can't bear to put any of it away.  I still gladly get up with him 3-4 times a night because he still needs me.  I am still squeezing him into size 2 diapers because he is not old enough to be in size 3.  Right?  Who cares that I am doing twice as much laundry as I could be because he pees through his clothes like 3 times a day.  
And food, well he hates it and that's fine with me.  Because really, he's not old enough to eat solids, right?
And naps, well, he doesn't like them either.  After all, he is number 3 and prefers to nap on the go.  The louder the better.
Teeth.  Apparently we don't do those either, cause we ain't got none.

Weighing in at 17 pounds 10 ounces he is my chunk-a-monk.
And he's 26.5 inches short.
We love every. single. ounce. of him.  
Unfortunately, with all the good comes the bad.  Little man got 4 shots, oral rotavirus and a prescription for Amoxicillin.  It appears he's got a little ear infection brewing.  Now he's sporting a 101.6 degree temperature and a mean whine.  But it's cool.  I'm loving the extra snuggles.

Here's to a very slow next 6 months.
Momma needs some time to recover from the first 6 going too fast.

We love you Baby G.



Just one of those days

Today was definitely one of those days...
You know, the ones that are less than perfect.
The ones where your two year old does nothing but whine and cry ALL DAY LONG, demanding any and every toy that his brother has.
The ones that you just give in because you can't take it any longer and, let's face it, it's just easier.
The ones where you feel like sitting down in the middle of the grocery store and crying because your kids have managed to ask for something at every single stop made today, despite the fact that they were treated to a nice visit with reindeer, hot chocolate and a cookie.
The ones that you are pretty sure your kids hate you.
The ones that you are pretty sure you are going to be turned into CPS for being a horribly inpatient and moody mom.
The ones that feel like every single word coming out of your mouth is yelling.
You know... those days.  It was one of them.
So ready for it to be over.
Tomorrow is a new day!


Our child of God

A few weeks back Baby Graham was baptized into the church.  We couldn't have asked for  more wonderful way to celebrate our little guy.  Thank you to all our family and friends that were able to join us for this special day.  
Of course, this little guy was pure perfection for his big day.

The Godparents
Tom Bugbee and Colleen Foster

Graham is so blessed to be surrounded by a community that cares so much about him.