Eat your heart out Tom Cruise!


The mind of a four year old never stops!

Tyler is ALL four... and I love every bit of this four year old boy.  I amazed everyday by the growth and maturity that he shows each and every day.  I do have to admit that it saddens me to watch him grow up, yet it is so much fun at the same time.  This is just a small glimpse into the conversations that we have every day...  

So, I was reading books with Tyler last night by the fire. When we were all done he is looking out the window to the patio and says "mommy, is that a hill?" I said no, it looks pretty flat to me. He then says to me "well, if the earth is round, why is there no hill?" Seriously, is our kid a genius or what? I promptly took him into my dad and together we explained why the earth is round but it doesn't feel like it. We also touched on gravity, but I am not sure that he totally got it. I love our little boy so much!
Well back to work. Just wanted to give you a little smile for the day!

This is the conversation between Tyler and my mom this morning when he was helping her prepare her morning medicine as he loves to do.
Nana: OK Tyler, I need one from each of these containers.
Tyler: Ok Nana. (as he places one pill from each bottle on the counter for my mom). Nana, how many red ones do you need today? (The "red" ones are advil for her arthritis in her legs)
Nana: My legs are pretty sore today so I think I will need 3 of those.
Tyler: But Nana, you can't have 3 'cause you only have 2 legs!

Where does he get this?  I am so excited to have Dan home to share in these conversations with us.  I can just imagine the memories we will have as a family in the years to come!


What was I thinking?

What a weekend!  Next time I say I am going to throw a birthday party at a pool with 12 four year olds, please shake me!  Actually, beyond the chaos of 12 kids running around, popping balloons, fist fighting (yes, fist fighting) and girls crying it was a pretty successful party.  Who knew that a 4 year old can open 13 presents in 5 minutes flat.  I am just thankful that he didn't respond with a "I don't like this" to any of the presents!
Tyler loved every minute of "his day" and that is all that I could have asked for.  There is nothing I wouldn't do to see that smile on his face.  So, yes, in the coming years, you will probably be seeing more parties like this one.  It is all worth it in the end.
Following his friends party we went to my parents where we celebrated with the family.  Once again, it was another chaotic night at the Cross household.  We are going to need a while to recoup from this weekend!

Getting some air!

That smile makes everything worth it!

Happy Birthday to you!

"Mommy, I want a soldier cake because I miss my daddy."
A soldier cake he got, but he was all caked out by this time so he didn't even eat any.

The four year old with his loot!  Anything star wars seems to be the hit presents.  Weird considering he has not even seen Star Wars.

Telling Migel all about his new Star Wars Transformer.


Happy Fourth Birthday to my Favorite Little Man

To Tyler on your fourth Birthday...
I remember, like it was yesterday, the day you blessed our lives. Never did I think I could love someone so much.  And now 4 years later, I can't imagine our lives without you.  You are the sweetest, most loving, persistent, headstrong, inquisitive, fun, silly and smartest little boy I know.  I love putting you to bed each night only to hear you say "I love you to the moon and back."  I love waking up each morning to hear you say "Mommy, is it wake up time?"  You are the love of my life and you always will be.  You are going to be an awesome big brother.  I love you little Man... to the moon and back!


Why put off for tomorrow what can be done today...

that was my motto today as I deep cleaned the bathroom, updated Tyler's baby book and scrapbook, cleaned and organized the hall closet to house baby stuff, stripped and washed all of the bedding, cleared the kitchen table of all the junk that had built up, vacuumed, swept, made 3 dozen cookies for the FRG meeting tomorrow, responded to e-mails and made dinner.  All of this while nursing my poor little boy with an ear infection back to health.   I guess the 3 days being out of commission from a stomach bug got to me and I had to make up for it.  Now, I am jsut hoping that the rest of the weekend is as productive and successful.  With the FRG meeting tomorrow in Kent and then Tyler's birthday party on Sunday we have got a full weekend ahead of us.  I am praying that the amoxicillin Tyler was prescribed does the trick prior to sunday.  He has been pretty miserable with this cold and ear infection.  I do have to say, I am taking full advantage of all the snuggles though.  
Check back soon for birthday pictures.  I can't believe my little boy is turning 4!


Artichoke... really?!!

Although I get to talk to Dan every couple of days, it never seems to be enough.  Unlike last time, the excitement of having this baby is being over shadowed by my excitement of getting to see my husband.  I am not so anxious to get this baby out as I am to have him home.  However, I am already dreading the day that he has to leave again.  I have already started to prepare Tyler, as I know that it is not going to be an easy transition.  The good news is that Dan was able to schedule leave rather than having to rely on emergency leave and the Red Cross to get him home.  Now we just have to hope that this baby stays in until he gets home on the 3rd or 4th of May.  I would be devastated if he missed yet another child being born.  I can't wait!

"This is so good!" 

In my quest to always have Tyler "try" new things I came across the artichoke.  Much to my surprise he LOVES them.  Now, I am not so sure it is the artichoke that he loves or the mayonnaise that he gets to dip it in.  Never the less, he gets very excited on the rare occasion that I make them for him.  Tonight was no different.  I just had to catch it on film.  This is the kid that won't touch potatoes, catchup, or rice!  He's got good taste, I guess.

Good friends, good times!

Thank goodness for friends!  Jenny and Emma came and visited for the weekend.  Thanks to them we were able to get some of the baby preparations done.  Jenny helped me with moving furniture, touching up paint and organization, while Emma entertained Tyler.  Luckily the Seattle weather was cooperating and we were able to get out and do some fun activities.  

Our crazy kids at the park.

Infamous self- portrait at the pier carousel.  

Pike Place Market.