My Daddy Doll

I ordered Tyler this daddy doll a few weeks back and ironically it came the day after Dan left. Tyler was pretty upset this morning and asking for daddy so I decided to get it out. All I have to say is this is the most amazing this ever! It is just wonderful. Tyler ahs been carrying it around (yes dan, inside the hosue!) and talking to it all day. I will be the first to admit that I am not much of a wrestler, that was Dan and Tyler's thing! So what do I catch Tyler doing with it... wrestling! Of course he was excited because he was actually winning this time.
He did say to me at one point today "mommy, I want the real daddy!" Well, if that didn't just break my heart.
We were out to dinner tonight with the Rockwell's and at one point I asked him to tell Sue where his daddy was. Here was his explanation (of which I had not really heard before)...

"My daddy is a soldier. He is at work making money for me and getting the bad guys and putting them in jail."


We Love Daddy!!

We're gonna miss our daddy!

Well, today was the day! Tyler and I picked Dan up from the Law office and drove him down to Kent for his annual training. It was not a fun day! Tyler was in tears begging daddy not to go. This is only the beginning, that is the hardest part of it all. To get me through this I just keep telling myself that after all of this is over our lives will finally begin. These last 2 years have been years of chaos for us. With me working, Dan in Law school (and everything that goes along with that), the national gaurd and on numerous boards I can't remember much of what has happened. As Dan continually reminds me... life will not be easier or less chaotic, just different. But as long as we can have our daddy/husband more present in that life I will be happy for anything that comes our way. This has been and will continue to be a very emotionally challenging time for all of us. Who is to know how Tyler is going to react to having Dan gone for a year. I don't think any of us can really know what it is like to have a daddy missing from our lives for a year unless we have been through it. All I can do is be the best mommy possible and support him through it. And that is what I plan to do. We are eagerly awaiting the end of all of this so we can be a family. We love you Dan/Daddy!!


Where do babies come from?

So, with the announcement that Auntie Cate would soon be having her baby Tyler quickly replied "how the baby get out mommy?" Well, to explain to him how he got out was quite simple seeing as how he was a C- section. I think I will leave that question for Tom and Cate when we see them in August! The things a 3 year old says is jsut amazing. Today he asked me "mommy, what does died mean?" He is quite the inquisitive little guy and always how to know what is going on. I love that about him. He truely has a desire to learn everything he can. Lets hope he hangs on to this for years to come.

I will leave this quick note with some pictures of Tyler's new haircut. Thanks daddy!