Last week we had the pleasure of meeting up with some of our PEPS friends at gasworks park. Not quite sure what we are going to do when these gals and kiddo's move over to the island. We sure are going to miss them and all their goofiness!

Sasha, Allie, Tyler, Alex and Colin

Oh let’s see, there was so many things that I just couldn’t have done this week...

I surely did not take full advantage of my position and add in an extra pumping session at work just so I could have another break.

When asked by the new babysitter where the fire extinguisher was I did not laugh and say that I didn't think we had one only to be told by my husband that it was mounted in the hall closet. No, really, I knew it was there the whole time!

I definitely did not prop my 4 month old child up to watch Curious George with his big brother just so I could sit quietly with my coffee and the morning paper.

I am pretty sure it was not me that shoved all of our bags and coats in the closet and tossed all of Alex’s toy in the pack n play and called the house “clean”. After that I most certainly did not heat up a frozen pizza and call it "making dinner".

I know it was not this mom that let her child be seen out in public in his pajama’s not once but twice this past week.

I am sure I didn't set my child up in his bumbo ON the stove so that I could keep him happy while making dinner.

Nope, not me!

Lastly, I did not rush home after Tyler’s swim and soccer practices, bribe my child to eat as fast as he could, skip a bath and only read 1 book just so that I could watch DWTS. No, this mom would never do that!

Just wondering if anyone knows who took my infant and left this little boy in his place?!!



Who ever thought...

... that my child would be a mutton buster?!

The family Bugbee visited the Puyallup Fair today! And what a day it was. There were rides, there were animals, there was cotton candy and there was... yes, mutton bustin'. Tyler, much to our surprise, hopped on that sheep claiming "I am gonna win momma!" And win he did... at least in our eyes. There was no crying as there was for many of the children and that was a win for us! We love you bugs and we are so proud of your mutton Bustin'! Time to start the training for next year and maybe we will win that trip to Fresno, Ca.



A special day

one Lord, one faith, one baptism

Ephesians 4:5

Today was the big day and boy did Alex preform! He was on his best behavior for his special day. Not only did he give Father his undivided attention (really he did) but there was not a peep out of him the entire mass. It was such a special day and I was so thankful that I got to share it with so much of my family and friends. This day served as a reminder not only of my commitment to the Lord but also my commitment to raise my children in His word.


Our baby is won-der-ful!

So I kicked aside my fear of taking my children to their "well-child" appointment (Tyler's 4 year appointment ruined everything for me!) and headed in to get my wee-one checked out. Alexander is doing "Awesome" in the words of Dr. C. It's not the doctor that I fear, I LOVE her. It's that damn nurse that comes in with all those sharp, pokey things and then insists that I pin my poor, innocent child down while she jabs them into their sweet and unsuspecting chubby thighs! Ugh! Tyler gave Alex a few words of wisdom this morning on the way to school (little did I know that there was no school today!).
Tyler: Mommy is Alex going to get shots today?
Me: Yes, honey.
Tyler: Alex, momma is going to take you to the doctor and you are going to get some shots today. They are going to hurt, but don't cry. Ok, Alex, you can't cry. I will give you a hug. Just don't cry.
Alex: "*ahh, yahh, ahh* *drool* *brrrr, ahhhh*"- poor kid has no idea what is coming!

Here are our 4 month (4 1/2 really) stats:
Height: 24 inches
Weight: 13 lbs 15 oz
OFC: 43cm!

The best news of all is that Dr. C said that she reassured me that there was no need to take the binky away despite the slight night time issues we have been having. Makes me feel better since I have had more than a few people tell me to just take it away. He LOVES his binky and she reassured me that soon he will be able to put it back in him mouth all by himself at night. Oh how I live relying on items of comfort items to calm my child.

So, for Alex he is just amazing, no thanks to anything in particular that I have done! We just have good babies, and I'll take it! He is rolling from back to front, sleeping through the night (with 1-2 re-plugs needed on most nights), learning to sit up and talking an awful lot. He is beginning to understand that game peek-a-boo and, every once in awhile, when we work really hard, he will give us a big 'ol belly laugh. I love walking into his room in the morning only to find the happiest baby with the biggest smile when he catches a glimpse of me. He gives me lots of smiles and loves when I get home from work, which almost makes it worth going to work. He loves his toes and would have them in his mouth at all times if he could. He loves his blankie and his binky when he is getting tired and doesn't require any song and dance to go to sleep, thank goodness! Best of all, he loves his brother. He would be totally content just watching him al day long.
All in all, Alex is just W O N D E R F U L!

Oops, sorry about the spit up VM.

"Mom, can I get some more of that strawberry flavored Tylenol?"


Lake Chelan

Well, the Bugbee family made it to Lake Chelan this weekend thanks to some great friends who let us borrow their cabin. It was a weekend filled with fun, sun and relaxation. The car rides were long and filled with endless questions about anything and everything that is on a 4 year olds mind. My favorites were "What does a rock eat?" "When are the dinosaurs coming back?" and "Why are you going so slow?". Luckily Alex was a champ, like always, and slept the whole way.
Dan and Tyler got to get in some fishing and even caught a few. Tyler learned a hard lesson about death and the food chain. He got over it pretty fast but still wouldn't dare eat the fish that they caught.
The highlight of the weekend was movie night on which Tyler got to watch his very first Star Wars episode. He was in heaven with his eyes glued to the TV for the full 2 hours! It was pretty cool to see Tyler and Dan snuggled up watching it together. It's moments like these that I live for.

Alex is learning how to sit up like a big boy. Not sure he really gets it though since every time I put him in the tripod position he gives me one of these looks and then quickly topples over.

He surely did not appreciate the idea of practicing this new stunt on such a scratchy surface as grass. The practice session was short lived for today!
I was really there too!
Ahh, the wonder of a 4 month old!



Oh, Sophie!

Sophie the Giraffe...

Ok, so I ask you who in their right mind would buy a $23 squeaky, chew toy for their child? I mean come on people, you might as well hand them a $20 bill to chew on. Well, my mother, who works at Nordstrom's, insisted this was the newest rage and that Alexander absolutely had to have one. I said fine, but I sure as heck was not going to fork over the $22.95 plus tax when I could buy a perfectly good toy for $2.99 at Target.

Well, I guess I should put my foot in my mouth now, because Alex LOVES his Sophie. He talks to her, squeaks her, kisses her... LOVES her! And I tell you, if this one gets lost, destroyed, or damaged I will be the first one to run out and buy him another!



If this is what makes you smart then...

So Tyler and Dan were in deep conversation yesterday about comparisons. Dan was asking Tyler "Tyler, who is older, me or Grandma?" and so on. Tyler would answer "Grandma". Well, Dan came to the question "Tyler, who is smarter, Boppa or me?" Tyler responds "Boppa, because he knows how to do cigarettes."
Ha, not sure how he figures this but, there ya go... if you want to be smart, I guess you gotta smoke.

A Day for first's

This week was full of first for the Bugbee family
First off, we got to spend our first whole day together with daddy home!
Tyler started his first day of school at Our Lady of the Lake.
(and yes, the pants that I bought him for school in June are already too short but I put them on him anyways!)
Alex found his toes for the first time.
And, drum roll please....


We are thoroughly enjoying our time together as a family. While the homecoming was very low key, it was just how we wanted it. We are getting used to being a family of 4 and loving every minute of it.