Look what Tyler did at school!!!

Okay, so this may not be a big deal to all of you but it is for me! Tyler has begun to draw people. I couldn't believe that this drawing that he brought home from school was his. I asked him over and over who drew it and he insisted, over and over, that it was him. I then asked him what it was. He replied "this is me, and this is you and this is daddy. Daddy doens't have a face yet." It was so like the books say it was unbelievable. The people with heads and limbs is the first step in drawing people. My little boy is growing up!
(I will leave out the part about where the nipples are!)
The things that we get excited about are pretty crazy huh?! I just had to share this one.


Our little Politician!

It's been awhile since I have updated. Our lives have kept us beyond busy to barely functioning. We are all eagerly awaiting the summer although that doesn't seem to be offering us much hope of a reprieve either. Tyler is growing like crazy (literally... he has moved into a "big boy" carseat) and the things that come out of this kid's mouth continue to amaze Dan and I. He is officially our potty mouth monitor. And believe me, he will let you know when you have said something that is not "acceptable". Today while I was driving in the car with my sister we were talking about a bike that didn't work and I let the "stupid" word slip. He promptly jumped in and said "Mommy, we don't say 'tupid" Hmm... I wonder where he gets that from?
Here is what happens when you leave your kid with Auntie Lauren and Uncle Jeff too long...

They turn into a democrat. Tyler now proudly marches around the house chanting "Go Bama!" after attending the democratic caucus with Lauren and Jeff. Boppa has now coerced him into say "Go McCain!" He is a pretty good flip flopper depending on who he is with. Anything to get the attention.

Tyler and Claire goofing off after swimming lessons.
Our barrel 'o' monkies Champion
Isn't he handsome!!!!