Not me Monday


I wasn't going to post a "not me monday" this week since I have been nothing but perfect this whole week. All that changed when I went downstairs to switch the laundry before bed.
It was most certainly not me that placed a very dark brown bathroom rug into the washer with my husband's very white undergarments. And that rug most definitely did not turn all of those beautiful whites to an awful shade of brown. No, that definitely was not this wonderful wife. I was most definitely raised to know better than to mix my colors!

And while we were at it I also did not think it was a good idea to capture a picture of my beautiful boys while swimming this afternoon only to end up having to throw my camera to the side while I saved my wee one from the grips of his older brother as he decided to slide himself into the water. Nope, I would never put my little one in danger like that for sake of a cute photo.


The Perfect Pumpkin

Yesterday was a wonderful wonderfully wet day at the Pumpkin Patch. Nonetheless, the Bugbee's made the best of it and went out on a hunt for the "perfect pumpkin".

Along the way we reminisced on our mutton bustin' days,

tamed wild animals,

climbed the Great Pumpkin,

swam through a sea of corn,
and stopped at the market

for a much needed rest

and a hearty snack of piping hot kettle corn.

Then we were back to our journey, a little unsure of which way to go

but we found the wagon and hopped aboard.

We travelled through the great wide open.

through Idaho,

and past sunken ships

on our mission to find that pumpkin.

Just when we were about to give up

I could hardly believe it with my own eyes!


and home we went, just the Bugbee's and our PERFECT PUMPKIN!



Bugbee Family Photo Shoot

*Courtesy of Jocelyn K Brown Photography*




We may be a little big and a little crazy, but we are family.

And I love my family!




You know, before I had kids I never thought of myself as a mother of boys. Now
that I have not one but two I can't get enough of them. Sure, the clothes aren't quite as cute and I can't put bows in their hair but man, I just can't get enough of these blue eyed boys! They (and my husband) are my everything!



These are the days that I live for in Seattle. I could run for hours on a day like this!



A new leaf

So, I have turned over a new leaf in my life. I am now going to be a more organized mother. If only it were that easy!!! Well, I am at least making a start with some weekly meal planning. After sitting down with some cookbooks on sunday night and making a shopping list I headed to the grocery store first thing monday morning. Thank goodness for QFC and the fun center! Tyler camped out there while Alex and I started our adventure. My grocery shopping has some room for improvement as I find myself spending most of the time wandering the isles looking for the things that I need. I located the seafood counter and promptly ordered 1 1/2 pounds of shrimp. It wasn't until I was on the prowl for "pepper sauce" (yes, I now know that that is tabasco sauce!) that I realized that I needed the raw shrimp and not the cooked shrimp. The guy at the seafood counter got a good laugh at my expense! On I went and an hour later I now had all the supplies I needed to cook 2 dinners and prepare daily lunches for the fam.
I am happy to report that the first meal was a success, minus the celery seed that I forgot, the pot roast was a hit. Or at least Dan was nice enough to say it was! We will have to see how tomorrow goes!

Alex was such a good boy while mommy conquered the grocery store! He was in the best mood today. I have to think it was because we are finally on a napping schedule! 3 naps a day and we have a very happy baby.



Alex's first rice cereal...

...or not!
Everything that went in came right back out. We have tried a few times since then and all we get is the sour face as if he is saying "what in the heck are you trying to put in my mouth?"
Please don't mind my commentary. You don't realize how dorky you are until you hear it on video!


The Bugbee's take Bainbridge

So, Saturday we decided to head out to the sound and do some exploring. Our ventures took us to beautiful Bainbridge Island. While on the ferry Tyler informed us that this was indeed his first ferry boat ride. Dan and I looked at each other in disbelief, wondering how we have lived in Seattle for 4 years and have never taken our son on a ferry boat ride! What kind of parents are we?

On our trip we enjoyed a very windy boat ride,

enjoyed some good conversation over coffee and cookies,

made some wishes,

went on a beach walk,

and found lots of cool stuff like hermit crabs

sea anemones,

and jellyfish,

then we headed back to the car while discussing our cool finds

and had a quick snack

then we passed time in the ferry line by taking goofy pictures

and attempted the ferryboat picture one more time

It was a great day spent as a family! I can't wait to do it again!