Christmas at our house

It has been a very busy Christmas season for the Bugbee's.  There has been  no lack of excitement coming from the boys too.  They were so excited when our Elf on the Shelf finally came to visit us.  Each morning we are greeted with "have you seen Elf?" instead of "good morning".  
The tree is up, decorated and, much to my surprise, it has not been the source of any contention with Graham. 

 In the midst of trying to prepare for a remodel beginning on the 2nd of January, I have managed to get a few decorations up.  The boys were a huge help.  They even posed for a few photo ops.

We've also managed to decorate a few cookies, in between spoonfuls of frosting being eaten.

Last, but definitely not least, we were lucky enough to have been invited to the MS Santa Breakfast with Grandma B again!  The boys love this event, as do I!  Such a special outing for our family.

  Thank you Grandma B and the Hofmeister's!

Off to wrap some presents and prepare for 3 more days of craziness!


We are so excited...

to announce...

We are having a little, healthy baby

Pink!  Pink?  I am still in shock and the information is still settling in for this little family of 5, soon to be 6... and complete.
The boys aren't quite as excited as their momma.  Tyler's first reaction "Oh, yeah... for mom".  Alex's reaction, "well, we can't have two babies, we will have to get rid of Graham".
I have no doubt the excitement of having a little sister will hit once the little princess arrives.
Until then, watch out Nordstrom, this momma is in the market for some pink!