I figured we are getting to the end, it is time to start chronicling. The last 32 (now 33) weeks have been full of joy and pain, happiness and doubt, but most of all excitement. As we near the end of this pregnancy I am increasingly excited to have this brood of boys, to watch them grow as brothers. Tyler is such an awesome older brother to Alex. I can only imagine he is going to be even more protective of this little guy.
Although there are definitely things that I don't love, namely the weight gain, I do LOVE being pregnant. I love feeling every toss and turn, every little kick, even the hiccups in the middle of the night get me giddy. The experience is like nothing else in this world, knowing that you are growing this tiny human being. Alex has taken a liking to patting his tummy and saying that his baby is kicking too. Tyler loves to feel all the movements when we can catch him in the act.
So in these last few weeks I am taking the time (knowing it is most likely the last) to enjoy every part of this pregnancy. Yes, even the swollen legs, varicose veins and the heartburn. Because life is too short to worry about those things and before we know it life is going to get a little bit more busy!

I'm a lucky girl

to have the friends I do.
Last weekend the best girlfriends a girl could have threw me a baby boy #3 shower. It was done up like nothing I have ever seen before. From the clothes line of little boy clothes and the tulips adorning all the tables to the wonderful appetizer and lunch served, it was amazing!
Thank you girls for an absolutely wonderful and positively unforgettable day.
Now I can't wait to return the favor!



Little brothers

This is the best part of staying home all day with mommy while big brother is at school.

Let me remind you Alexander, you do have a little brother on the way...
and payback is a bi***!

Update on the littlest one

This journey has not been easy, I will say that. The questions of "why me?", "why my baby?" creep up when I least expect them and usually brings about some tears. This is just on the bad days. The good days are filled with a sense of peace and meaning. I continually remind myself that this little guy was meant for our family. I wouldn't change him for the world!
A few weeks ago we were able to get a glimpse of the little one. The similarities to his brothers are uncanny. For the first time it really made me giddy at the thought of having three little boys. To start off he is BIG. 86th percentile big! Way to go little man! His cleft, however, is not. Yeah! It appears that there is minimal palate involvement and his entire soft palate is intact. Although it is not the best possible result, I am extremely happy that this could mean he may be a successful breast feeder. From the beginning I have prepared myself for the worst. That also meant preparing myself that I may not be able to feed him as I did so successfully with Tyler and Alex. So, this news is huge for me. Although, we will not truly know the extent until he is born, I do have a renewed hope and right now, I'll take it!
We also got to meet with the Craniofacial team at Seattle Children's Hospital. I am still getting used to the idea that I am going to be on the opposite end of the care being given. However, we are extremely excited to be working with such a wonderful team of doctor's, nurses and social workers. Our relationship will be a long one as the journey will last well into his teenage years. We feel blessed that we live so close to so many doctor's that are so well known for caring for children with cleft lip and palates.
The plan for our little guy is a lip repair done sometime between 4-6 months depending on how big he is and how well he is growing. The palate is then repaired at about a year of age. From there it is a wait and see. Some children are able to get fabulous results and won't need any more surgeries and some will have up to 5. This is what we know for now. The rest will only unfold with time.

We love you already little one!


Date day with my boys.

I was lucky enough to have a day off with both of my boys!
Off to the zoo we went!

And it was just what I needed.

Not sure what I was thinking when...

...I decided it was a good idea to invite 24 kindergarten boys to a birthday party at pump it up.
I experienced something I never want to experience again. And to think I am going to have 3 boys. And that means 3 birthday parties a year for, um, the next 14 years of my life. Ugh! I cry just thinking about it. At lease we are learning our lesson with the first one. Mistakes never to be made again. Sorry Alex and little Bugbee, Tyler has ruined it for you both!