World's most photographed baby

There are not shortage of photos of this guy, that is for sure.
How can I resist though... right?!

At 15.5 months you are a handful!  You are needy beyond belief.  Apparently you did not get the memo that you are the 3rd child and you are supposed to be self sufficient and self entertained.  Nope, you like all the attention you can get ALL DAY LONG.  Oh, and at night too.  Since you think it is ok to be waking 2-3 times a night for snuggles.  I love you bud, but really... really?!

Like your brothers, you are technologically advanced.  Your favorite toys these days are the remote, the phone, my iPhone and the iPad.  I am sure it won't be long until you master the lock button and erase something really important.   I will admit, it's pretty darn cute when press the volume key on the phone to make it ring and then proceed to hold it up to your ear and pretend to talk.

You love the outdoors.  Whenever the whining gets to be too much I know I can always take you out for a walk for some peace and quiet.  Now if only that worked for your brothers.

Yep, see those cute little Tom's you are wearing... well, they're gone.  Yep, you managed to remove them from your feet and chuck them from the stroller without me noticing while strolling through the Village.  I harassed QFC for weeks just hoping they would show up, but nope.  I cry just looking at them.  It's a good thing you are so darn cute otherwise I might just not have been able to let that one go.

To go with your moody ways you have become extremely picky about what you put in your mouth.  Funny enough, the only thing I am sure to get down is baby food.  Finger foods to you are simply treats to feed to the dog.  You do still love your bottles... and so do I.  My favorite time of day are the times we spend rocking in your room before naps and bed.

Sleep, that's a whole other story.  When daddy left we did some serious sleep training.  And by sleep training I mean you cried and mommy slept.  You got the picture pretty quickly and, knock on wood, you have been sleeping well the last 5 days.  Naps are in transition.  Most days you can make it on just one afternoon nap that lasts 2-3 hours.  There are those days, though, that you need that extra morning nap.

You are growing a learning constantly and it is so fun to watch you.  You don't have many words that I can speak of, maybe "bye-bye", "Momma", and "TaTa" but even those are few and far between.  I am pretty sure you yell at Alex by saying "Aaaaaaa" too.  You do love to give kisses with your mouth wide open and you always blow Nana kisses when we leave.

Grahamers you keep me on my toes, you challenge me daily, you make me a better mom.
 I love you soooo much!


Happy Birthday Erin!

A few weeks ago I was privileged enough to get to photograph Alex's girlfriends' birthday party.  She rung in 3 in style with the perfect little ballerina party.  Doesn't hurt that her mom is the party planner extraordinaire.  I learned all I know from her.  

The kids had a blast at the ballet lesson with teacher Charla.  Even G baby joined the fun.

Happy Birthday Erin.
We love you!


{five} boys

This summer was one of traveling, play dates, beach club dinners and family.  Thank goodness we had that beautiful yellow thing in the sky that enabled us to do most of this!  We couldn't have asked for a better summer.

One of our many play dates with the Prim's took us to Golden Garden's.  All 5 boys had fun romping in the sand, throwing rocks in the water and finding crabs.  Strangely enough though, i think the most fun was had at the foot wash.  There are just some things about boys that I may never understand.

It's Official...

I've lost it!
I actually ALLOWED my seven year old to leave the house in the middle of summer dressed in shorts and rainboots!

Thank goodness we go back to school in 3 days.  I would be afraid to see what might happen if we didn't.