One of my very favorite places ever is Portland.  Maybe it's because I met the man of my dreams there. Maybe it's because I earned my dream  career there.  Or maybe it's because it's where one of my bestest friends lives.  Nonetheless, I jump at the chance to go back whenever I can.  Being on maternity leave, I thought why not.  I packed up the three little kids, hopped in the car and made the three hour trek to surprise my bestie (with the help of her wonderful husband).  
Although the trip was short, it was not without loads of fun and enough memories to last a lifetime.  

The Grilled Cheese Bus was a favorite.  So what if they didn't eat their sandwiches, the enjoyment they got from "eating lunch" on a bus was worth it.

Graham was not about to provide Jenny with any special treatments on our vacation.  He showed her what a wonderful two year old he can be.
(Totally joking in case you didn't get that)

How fitting.

Despite Graham's stellar behavior we managed to have an awesome time.  I think my brood was a bit overwhelming for the little Webinger family.  I am pretty sure there was a huge sigh of relief watching us pull away.  I don't blame them!

So fun to see these two together.  Jenny was one of the first to hold Evie after she was born!

We can't wait to see you guys again!
Love you!


Two Months

Evelyn Anne,
These two months (now two and a half months) have flown by.  You continue light up our lives despite your colicky nature.  This month you are spending much more time awake and taking in all the chaos that is our house.  You smiled for the first time at 8 weeks.  Although you are a tough audience, it melts my heart when you finally crack one of those gummy smiles.  You have also found your hands recently.  Now a days they spend a lot of time in your mouth.  We keep hoping that you will find your thumb since the binky doesn't seem to do it for you.  You will appease us and take it every once in a while, but it is definitely not a favorite of yours.  
Unfortunately, you have spent much of the last 10 days sick.  Your cough is agonizing.  It zaps the energy right out of you.  The first few days you were so under the weather that feeding you was a chore.  I took you to the doctor only for them to say that you probably had a virus that had to work it self out.  Not sure what I was expecting.  Funny how, despite the fact I am a NICU nurse, it's all different when its your own little baby.  All senses seem to go out the window.  
Sleep is getting better for us.  We have a little routine down and you seem to do quite well with it.  Around 9 pm we get you bathed (on bath nights), and I nurse you.  We swaddle you up all nice and tight and down you go in the corner of your bed with Celine Dion serenading you to sleep.  You are usually pretty tired and go down without a fight.  Occasionally, daddy or I will have to go back in, coerce you to take the binky and then sneak out.  You are then out until about 4 am when I bring you to bed with us and we both fall asleep while nursing.  With this cold though, you have been so congested after eating that I have been putting you in your swing where you will stay until about 9 am usually.  Not to shabby I tell ya!
You are nursing like a champ, but taking a bottle like a loser.  It's my own fault.  It's a good thing we have 3 months left to work this out before Nana or Daddy gets stuck with a baby that won't eat.  You nurse on an inconsistent bases.  But that's ok, because it works.  It tends to be about every 3-4 hours but some days you go longer in the morning while we are running errands and then cluster feed in the evening.  Evenings are definitely the hardest for us.  You want to be held at all times.  The second you feel us put you down in the swing or the bouncer the tears roll.  How can I blame you though, you have a lot of competition.  You have to get the attention any way you can.
Mommy has finally put away most of your newborn clothes.  There are only a few pieces left that you still fit into.  We also used your last newborn diaper today.   While you still fit in them the blowouts are becoming more frequent so momma bit the bullet and did it.  It kills me!  You are growing up entirely too fast.  You weighed in at 9 pounds even when we visited the doctor.  That puts you almost to double your birth weight.  Did you not get the memo that you are not supposed to do that until 6 months?  I guess all those rules go out the window when you are a premie born 5 weeks early at 5 pounds 5 ounces.  
You are a true blessing Miss Evelyn Anne.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't stare at you and wonder how in the world I go so lucky.  It is a true sign that God is at work in our lives.  
We love you little one.


Graham {two}

Graham Cracker,
Today is your day!  Today you are two!
Once again I am not quite sure how we got here, but we did.  And I am loving it.  You are the funniest little guy who wants nothing more than to be a big boy.  Your vocabulary is exploding.  You repeat everything we say all day long.  I can just see those little wheels turning in there.  Your favorite thing is to say "yook momma..." and then show me whatever goofy action strikes you at the moment.  Usually it is some odd side step that you apparently think is hilarious.  I guess I do too since I laugh hysterically at you.  In the car you frequently yell "Momma, yindow up!" even when the window's are in fact already up.  
You and Alex are at it every moment of the day.  It's exhausting.  Alex will purposefully get you going by proclaiming that whatever object may be near him is his, whether it is or not.  You quickly reply with "No, MINE!" and he shoots it right back.  You guys could go on with this for a good 30 minutes if I let you.  There are those brief moments that you two actually play together and it is heaven.  
You are no Alex when it comes to sleep.  In fact there have been days where you refuse to nap at all.  Let me tell you, it makes for a long day for this momma.  On a normal day though, you will nap for about 2 hours.  You wake between 7-8 in the morning and go to bed around 8:30.  We have finally broken you of the night time bottle but you still insist on them occasionally in the morning.  The binky is a whole other story.  We were well on our way to allowing them only in bed... and then Evie was born.  Now the thing is in your mouth all day long.  We are working on this at the moment. 
Speaking of teeth, you had your first dental visit at the Seattle Children's Center for Pediatric Dentistry. You weren't at all cooperative but we made it through and learned that you are indeed getting the tooth that we assumed you were missing near your cleft.  
Graham, you are growing up so fast.  You continue to amaze me each and every day with your antics.  You are the most lovable little boy who will hand out hugs to anyone that asks.  You are very friendly and spend our shopping trips waving and saying hi to every passer-by.  Two years ago we were completely unsure of what to expect with you.  You taught us so much in those early months and continue to do so today.  We love you for you, and all you are... Even when you are Trouble.

Yep, you are indeed two.  As demonstrated by this photo shoot.

I'll take it. 



Being a momma is one of the most amazing, challenging, heart wrenching, rewarding things you can do!  Yes, it's tough, and some of the time not very rewarding.  It's giving all of yourself without always getting anything in return.  It's loving unconditionally when some times it's heard to do.  It's being patient, even when you have asked them to do something for the hundredth time.  It's kissing boo-boos and giving hugs.  It's lifting them up when they are down.  It's about letting them fail so in time they can succeed, even though it kills you.  It's a lot of sleepless nights and cups of coffee to make it through the day.  
I do it today and I will do it again tomorrow, because I love these four more than I could have ever imagined I could.

I couldn't do all of this without my amazing role model.  Thank you mom for teaching me everything there is to know about being a mom.  I love you!