Some people!

So, I have debated whether or not to write this post but it has bothered me enough I felt that maybe by writing about it I will feel better.
Saturday started like any other day... after a family breakfast Dan was off to do some work and the boys and I were off to run some last minute errands for Father's Day. We stopped at Bartell's where we unsuccessfully tried to print out some pictures. Next stop office depot for some printer cartridges since we were unsuccessful at our first stop. I gathered my brood and we approached the store. Low and behold the cart that we chose (the only one in sight) had a broken seatbelt, as usual. I placed Alex in it and soon began the fun game of Alex stands, I sit him down and tell him no. We searched the 3 AISLES of printer cartridges all the while playing this very fun game. Finally we found the right one and headed to the checkout stand. In the 3 minutes that I was waiting in line I am pretty sure that Tyler asked me if he could have 5 different boxes of candy (thank you store designers for placing those boxes of candy so conveniently) and Alex stood up no fewer than 3 times. Finally it was our turn. We rolled up to the clerk and I placed my stuff on the counter... and Alex stands up AGAIN. This time he and I had both had enough, I sat him down once again while STERNLY telling him "no, we don't stand up in the cart", I am pretty sure Alex smirked at me this time. In walks lady (not having been in the store for more than 10 seconds). Ohh, my body is shaking just thinking about it. Lady decides to start in on me telling that if I ever treat my children like that again she would have them taken away from me. I politely asked her to mind her own business. Me, being a very unconfrontational person was in a state of shock and really had no idea what to say. She continues with "I am the Attorney General and I can have your children taken away from you." Fabulous lady, I am sure that Rob McKenna appreciates you impersonating him. She continued on but at this point I was so hurt, mad, upset and in disbelief that I have no idea what she was saying. This is when I, physically shaking, leave the store once again asking her to mind her own business and not tell me how to raise my children. I grabbed Alex, gave him a huge hug, told Tyler that I love him to the moon and back and loaded my children safely into the car. I quickly got on the phone (not while driving of course), and called Dan sobbing. He wanted me to go back, to get her name and to give her a piece of my mind... I did not, but I wish I had now.
I have had three days now to play this over and over in my mind. I did not, have never and would never hurt my children yet some how this lady has caused me to question my every parenting decision. If I had it to do over again I would say something and it would sound a little like this...
"I am sorry mam, you seem to have no idea who I am. I am a women who prides myself in my children. Who strives everyday to raise my children right, teaching them about family, faith and love. I am a nurse that goes to work each day FOR children. Some of those days are spent caring for children who have suffered life altering, sometimes life ending, injuries at the hands of their parents. Telling my 13 month old child sternly to sit down in the cart is in no way child abuse. Would you rather me allow him to stand up and proceed to fall out of the cart and suffer a head injury? I am pretty sure that would be irresponsible.
Also, I am pretty sure you are not THE Attorney General since I am pretty sure THE Attorney General is a male and his name is Rob McKenna. So please lady, take your non-childbearing, ill- mannered, non-discipline preaching, lying, hippie self and get out of my face while I discipline my child "
Let's hope for this lady sake I never run into her on the street!


Our daddy is the BEST!

So I am a day late... our daddy is the best no matter what day it is!
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12 years... really!

A few weeks ago we blessed with a visit by the Webinger's.
It seems almost impossible that it is almost exactly 12 years ago that I met Jenny sitting in my very first U of P nursing class. We have enough memories to fill a novel. Memories that may or may not contain things like stolen golf carts, big green trucks, sneaking beer into good old shipstad hall, and some other things that should be left unmentioned :)
What seems even crazier is that we are all grown up now with children of our own. Our wild and crazy collage days are far behind us and we remain the best of friends. Although Jenny and have yet to inhabit the same city since collage, we have remained close... and always will. What I love the most is that when we do get to see eachother it's as if nothing has changed. We seek out adventures, although now they are kid friendly, and always have loads of fun. Tyler and I were very sad to see them go and even sadder know that they are moving even further away to Montana soon.
We are going to miss you guys! Good luck and saty close!
Our most recent adventures took us to Bainbridge Island where we had a picnic lunch on the beach, watched Alex through a killer of a tantrum, searched for "treasures", visited the farmers market and as always had FUN!

Next we hit up the Everett Children's Museum where we got to explore all the fun activities they had, and watch Alex through another awesome tantrum, all while staying out of the torrential down pour that was going on outside.
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Slow and steady wins the race.

Recipe for walking:
1. Binky must be in mouth
2. Bobo (blankie) must be in hand
3. High pitch encouragement from mom
4. The cheering crowd off stage is a must


Kindergarten here we come!

Yesterday was Tyler's last day at Our Lady the Lake Pre-K. We are sad!
I begun the year a little nervous having switched Tyler from The Children's School, a school we loved. I quickly figured out that OLL was the place for us. Tyler had the two most amazing teachers I have ever met. They they loved to rhyme, they went on fun field trips, they taught Tyler about faith, they made learning fun, but most importantly they loved my child! We are gong to miss them!
Congratulations Tyler! We are so proud of you and all your hard work.
ASB watch out... Tyler Bugbee is coming!

This to shall pass...

I have been a little absent in the blogging world, my picture taking has slowed to a slow roll and I am constantly exhausted. Things have been rough to say the least.
Dan and I are being challenged on both ends. Our sweet, polite, rule abiding 5 year old has secretly been switched with a whiney, defiant, challenging little blond haired boy. And, our easy going, content little one year old has morphed into a tantrum throwing, demanding monster.
I want MY sweet children back... NOW!


T-Ball = life these days

With games twice a week this has been our life lately...
Tyler loves it! And we love spending an hour and a half at the field as each child takes their turn at bat, missing 5 times before hitting the ball watching the always exciting games!
Now if only we could have some sunshine to watch the games in.



What's going on in the Bugbee house these days... progress!
Lots and lots of progress!

Boxes are unpacked and most things have found their home... progress

We are coming along on the dreaded bathroom project. Most fixtures are installed and functioning, yeah progress!

After 2 weeks of agonizing over which vacuum to buy (dyson, riccar, hoover, eureka, etc.), pouring over consumer reports and customer reviews, I ended up with this beauty.
For me this is huge progress!

(Now you see why the bathroom project has taken so long. Decision making is not my fortay.)

Alexander is making progress too. He is a master at the standing thing and a few steps have been had (video soon to come:))... progress.

Alex is adjusting to the new house and no longer needs to be held 100% of his waking hours. Now it's just 90%... progress.

Tyler is progressing along to his Pre-K graduation in T - 5 days. How is it possible that I am going to be the mother of an ASB Kindergartner?

Dan is settling into his new life as an attorney, as well as the demanding hours... progress.

I am settling into Dan's new life as an attorney, as well as the demanding hours... progress.

Next up for the Bugbee's... a much needed break from progress!
Our tickets are booked and we are counting down the days to some sunshine and a fun 4th of July celebration in California!

Bring on the sunglasses and sun lotion... we need it.