Even if they are not thankful for each other.
I couldn't imagine my life without them!


{five} months old

You are five whole months old.  
You have definitely made the jump from infant to baby.  
Every day is a new adventure with you.  In the past 2 weeks you have learned how to roll over from back to front, you have tasted bananas (of which you are not such a fan), you fell in love with your binky, you are napping better and you have started sleeping through the night.  Phew, you are one busy baby!

You are such the happy little baby.  I can't get enough of your sweet little giggles, your chubby little thighs and your big toothless grin.  
I love you more than words can explain.
You have been officially signed off by the craniofacial orthodontics and will continue to see your craniofacial doctor each year.  At our post-op follow up appointment Dr. H was more than pleased with the results.  Your nose has healed perfectly and although there is a bit if a bump on your lip it may will take up to 2 years for the scar to fully heal.  Personally I am a fan of the scar.  It looks tough, and it reminds me of all that you have been through.  
Sitting in the waiting room before your appointment we met a little baby just starting the NAM, and 2 babies there for their post-op appointments too.  It was fun to see all of you together.  The work your doctors do is truly amazing.  We are lucky to have them!
Unfortunately, with all the good things comes the bad.  You have your first cold.  You are a champ though and sleeping your way through it.  Mommy is taking full advantage of the extra snuggles.
You are by far my chubbiest babe and I love it.  You are weighing in at about 16 pounds of pure cuteness.  
Tomorrow will be your first airplane ride.  Let's hope for a smooth one!  Grandpa Jan is anxious to meet you.
This year I am thankful that we have you!
I love you little man!



H-A-double L-O-W-double E-N

Thanks to the Hofmeister's we got to experience Halloween Laurelhurst Style.  There is a long standing rival between Windermere and Laurelhurst.  Which neighborhood could hand out more full size candy bars, how many houses provide beer and wine for the adults, who has the best haunted houses.  Well, I am gonna say Laurelhurst has a beat.  I have never seen such a production.  Maybe next year we will try out Sand Point Counrty Club, I hear they take the cake!
A very belated thank you to the Hofmeister family.  Couldn't think of any better way to spend Halloween 2011.


New tricks


found their

and can't get enough.

...and despite mommy's efforts not to let him, he is rolling like a mad man.  Mommy just has yet to get it on camera.  I know... shocking!


Chew on this...

So, I have been a very bad blogger.  Things are busy.  Three boys are busy.
I have a lot of updates and not a lot of time to do them.  Until then, check this out.  These are our three boys, all between 4-5 months.  Can you guess which one is which?