Tyler talk...

Daddy Luvins'

This Memorial weekend we spent it with our great friends Jeff and Lauren in Lake Chelan. The weather couldn't have been better! It was 3 days of sun and fun for all of us. Tyler was exhausted from all the activity and lack of "great sleep" so he is now catching up in the jogging stroller after I took him out for a run. Makes it easier for me to get a few pictures downloaded before he is attatched to my hip again. Anyhow, despite the little to no sleep, he had a lot of fun and only had a few breakdowns. Highlights of the trip were swimming in the lake with the doggy's (and his snorkel gear!), visiting the local fire department, go cart racing with daddy (Dan and I both agreed that the $7 was worth it to see that smile on his face) and put-put golfing (Uncle Tom would be proud!).

Tyler-isms of the weekend...

Sounding very frusterated as he was trying to get to sleep with a stuffy nose, "Mommy, my nose not working!"

And the ever constant "To infinity and beyond! I Buzz Lightyear!"

"Mommy, why I can't fly"

And the infamous "Mommy, why is the sky blue?"


Mommy's off to Chicago!

This is the first time that I have left Tyler for any length of time. It was hard, really hard. Although I was so excited about going, I had my reservations about leaving my little guy for 5 days. Not because I didn't think that Dan could handle it but rather because I knew I would miss him. Thoughts go through your head like, will he remember me? Will he think that I am gone forever? Well, no, he didn't forget me. In fact, he apparently asked about me frequently and wanted me home "now!". In one of our conversations he asked me... "are you taking good care of all of the sick babies?" (I guess he was just assuming that I was working one very long shift :)) As hard as it was, it also made me feel good. It made me realize that no matter how much he acts out or disobeys me, he really does love me and want me in his life. Let this be a lesson to all moms. Sometimes a little time away does a lot of good!