Another Suncadia getaway

Spring break brought us another crazy week in the Bugbee house.  After a busy monday and tuesday, the boys and I hit the road for a little R and R in Suncadia.  R and R, who am I kidding?  That it definitely was not, but it was FUN, I will say that much.  We were joined by our friends Liam, Emmett and cousin Karsten.  Yes, 6 boys under one roof.  Definitely NOT restful, or relaxing.  Loud is more like it.  To top it off Liam and Emmett's mom had to head back to the city for work on thursday, so it was just me and a whole lot of testosterone.  We made the best of it.  I lived with the motto, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, for those two days.  

We swam, we played, we ran and we biked until our hearts were content.  When we needed some down time we watched Toy Story on the computer.

When I couldn't stand being in the house anymore we piled in the car, headed into Cle Elem, had some Blizzards and took some goofy pictures.


Oh little blog

Dear Blog,
Please don't hate me.  I still love you.  I want so badly to give you the attention that you deserve.  It pains me every day.  Life is just crazy right now and there is just no time.  I promise I will be back.  I promise I will share with you more wonderful stories of my three crazy boys.  I promise I will post more pictures of them too.  But please be patient with me.  I am doing the best I can.
Love your poster,


10 {months]

Gammer Gam,

You, my friend, are 10 months old!  
In the last month, there is no question about it, you have become you.  You are a lover, a fusser, a smiler and a heart breaker.  Attention must never be drawn away from you, heaven forbid.  You have the absolute best laugh.  It make my heart so happy!  I am pretty sure I hate being away from you just as much as you hate being away from me.  The only redeeming quality of my work days is the moment I walk in the door and you start fussing because you want nothing but to be with me.  I know these days will go so fast so I am going to cherish every moment of it.  Soon enough you will be up and walking and won't be able to get away from me fast enough.
You are on the go, with a purpose.  We have never been a child-proofing family, but you have changed that.  You are into everything!  You love noise.  Banging the cupboard doors is a favorite past time of yours.  It brings you so much joy, so I just grin and bear it.  We have oodles and oodles of baby toys for you, none of which can hold your attention quite like your big brothers rooms full of hazards!  Instead of an open door policy in this house, we are a closed door house.  You are destined to find yourself in Children's ER, I am sure of it.
On the flip side you are a snuggler.  I have never had one of those so I am in heaven.  Every night you nurse and then I sit, your head on my chest, rocking, for as long as the other boys will allow it.  My mind races with all the things that need to be done before I can go to sleep, but none of that matter when you are in my arms.  Those things will be there no matter what, these snuggles may not be.  
You love food.  Reluctantly, I have branched out from baby food.  I am sure to keep you on some because of the ease of it.  But you would much rather have the peanut butter and jelly that your brothers are having for lunch of the enchiladas the rest of the family are enjoying for dinner.  Most nights you out consume Alex.  Some of your favorites are string cheese, toast, and rice.  Put plain old cheerios in front of you and you scream until something better appears.  You have no use for that.
Sleep is still a work in progress with you.  I can count on a few nights of uninterrupted sleep a week.  You still love your early morning nursing though.  Like 3-4am early.  Naps are subject to your brothers activities.  Ideally you love 2 good naps.  One about 9-10am, depending on what time you wake up, and another around 2.  They both last about 2 hours.
Teeth, you still have just 2 but the top two are going to break through any day now.  I am anxious for you to get some relief as they seem to be pretty painful for you.  Its odd to be at this junction.  I remember that this was a big concern in our first meeting with the craniofacial doctor.  Because of the incomplete palate cleft we were a little unsure about what teeth you would have where.  The only answer the docs could give us is that we would have to wait and see.  Your two front teeth seem to be in good placement from what I can tell.  The truth of the matter is, it doesn't matter.  We know there will be more surgeries and lots of orthodontics, that's a given.  At this point we are just so grateful for your health.  
Health, that's another story.  You have been plagued with ear infections and colds almost constantly this winter.  I am eagerly awaiting the end of this season.  I am hoping that getting rid of binkies for Alex will in turn help you, since all our binks have turned into communal binks no matter how hard I have tried.  
Graham, you are everything our family needed.  I can't imagine our life without you.  Your brothers love you more then anything, and you them.  If there is one thing I am so excited for, it is to watch you boys as you grow.  My prayer for you all is that you are always there for each other, that you are best friends and that you forever know the power of family. 
I love you Graham!


Hurray for new friends!

Last week we had the chance to get together with some new friends, Tyler and Landon and their mommy Michelle.  Michelle and I work together at the hospital.  After a bit of a shy start Tyler and Alex hit it off.  We ended up spending the whole rainy morning at Arena Sports with them.  Then when it was time to go home for nap time, we made plans to meet up again the next day.  Thanks to some amazing Seattle spring weather we spent the whole next morning, and part of the afternoon, at the zoo!
Can't wait to do it again Michelle and boys!

Yep, times have definitely changed.  My kid is indeed wearing a cape out in public!

G got his morning nap in at the zoo!


One hot mess

Yes ladies and gentlemen, I will say it... this almost 3 year old is one hot mess.  Not because I don't care but because I chose not to fight this battle.  Alex is definitely a "my way or the highway" kind of a kid.  If I am going to fight a battle with him, it better for a darn good reason.  Totally opposite of Tyler.  I chose every battle with Tyler.  I made him wear nice clothes, clean tennis shoes, I made him brush his hair before he left the house and coats... always.  Alex, not so much.  

So yes, this is what he looks like most days of the week...  no pants on, a hand me down shirt, underwear on backwards (because heaven forbid he not be able to see the character that is supposed to reside on the back side) and shoes on the wrong feet.
Don't judge me.  I know my kid is a hot mess and you know what, I don't care.  As long as I have my sanity!

Beach club bumming

If there were one single thing that I love the most about being back in the "hood" it would definitely be the beach club.  I have so many fond memories of this place...  cute life guards that my sister dated, being stuck on the high dive for hours because once you pass the white step you can't go back down, big kid camp outs, easter egg hunts, tennis matches, the list could go on forever. I love knowing that my kids will get to have those same experiences.  Let's just hope they don't make bad choices like I did and get caught drinking beer on the high dive in high school. 

We took advantage of the sunshine last week and headed down for an afternoon of play and pictures.  Just so happens that Tyler's classmate, Lexi, was doing the same thing.

I my boys

Graham would swing all day if we let him.

Lexi and Tyler posing for me.

Don't let this kid fool you.  He got up and promptly knocked Graham over.
Just asserting himself as the older brother, I guess.

I can't wait for lots more days like this!


In case you were wondering...

This is why I rarely have pictures of Tyler on my blog.

And in the off chance I do catch his handsome face, this is what I get.

Nice Ty, nice.
I love you anyways, dude.


Slap Cheek

Well, these two have come down with slap cheek.  And no, I didn't loose my temper and slap them until their cheeks turned pink.  It's a virus, otherwise known as fifth's disease.  
Alex's is a little more prevalent on his face while Graham's is on his trunk.  Luckily the only real symptoms have been a mild cold for Graham.

Who knows where they got it from.  Unfortunately, for all those we have encountered, they are only contagious before the rash occurs, when you have no idea they have it.  

Call me crazy...

but I am a little sad.
You see, today was my last day with this guy.

We've been best buds since the day Graham was born.  I attribute my success with breastfeeding my cleft lip baby to it.  I am thankful for all the milk that it has helped me produce... maybe a little too much, but Graham's not complaining.  He'll get milk until he's 2 with the storage we have!
(Not really, but we do have a lot.)  
But, my hubby will be glad to see it go.  My nightly meeting with this has apparently gotten old.  Little does he know the hospital grade one may be leaving, but my own will be coming out.  I'm not quite ready to give up, and neither is Graham.
If there is one thing that I do well, apparently it's producing milk!  


Project 366 catch up

Ahhh, it feels so good.  I'm not going to lie, I thought about giving up on this darn project many times over.  But that's what I always do... give up.  For once I am going to follow through with something.  It may have taken me 3 weeks to get caught up, but I did.  That's what matters, right.
I know when it's all said and done it is going to feel so good and I am going to love looking back over all these pictures.  Here goes...



I love these two something fierce!


I love me some gerbers!


Megann's baby shower.  Can't wait to meet baby Quinn.


Who doesn't like to wear two pairs of undies?  Really.


Hey mom, what's that big round thing in the sky?


Spring has sprung!


Buzz is pretty much our hero these days.  We watch Toy Story over and over and over and... you get the picture.


Birthday Party Day.


That I did!


There is just something about a belly sleeper.  Can't get enough of that little bum up in the air.


"Uh, mom.  There seems to be something slowing me down."


Mads, we miss you soooo much!


Grandma time!


Had to get in on the owl hat craze.  LOVE!


Guess who came to visit today.  Yep, cousin Maddie!


Today we celebrated this lady's birthday.   Love her!


My baby is 7!  We got to lunch with him for his birthday.


Cookie baking with Mama.  Or rather, dough eating with Mama


Look who decided he would be really cool and pull himself up in bed.


9 month check up.  Dr. appointments have become a little more challenging with a 9 month old that likes to be in the go.


Yep, this is what happens when you let your 9 month old play nudey while you run to get his clothes.  Lucky for me I returned just in time to interrupt any poop playtime that would have occurred.   The Croc wasn't so lucky.