I love me some of this little guy

Will brought his mom and dad over for dinner the other night. We drank wine, ate kabobs and finished off with hot fudge sundae's. It was a great night shared with friends. Thanks Bach's and Wittenburger's for a much needed night among friends.

T-Man and T-Ball



Dear Alex

I can hardly believe that you have been a part of our family for one whole year. You are one amazing little boy and your personality is starting to shine. Although you are not quite as easy going as you big bro was but you are by no means difficult. How can I blame you after all, you have to get the attention somehow huh? Your favorite new game is screaming at the top of your lungs. Not because you are mad or sad, just simply because you like to. Mommy especially loves when you demonstrate this fabulous game for all the Target patron. You have also mastered the art of standing. You will do it on cue as long as it means that all eyes are on you, always a performer! Walking seems to be the last thing on your to-do list and that is fine with momma for now.
You love to eat, any and everything. Most of your meals consist of whatever the rest of the family is eating. We have weaned from nursing (yesterday :() and you are taking 3 regular milk bottles a day before naps and bed. We are still practicing with the sippy cup but you seem to think that if it comes from a cup it is meant to be spit out.
Sleep... ahh sleep! You are finally sleeping through the night ALL the time, thank goodness. Naps are still a must, 2 of them in fact. We have tried unsuccessfully to get you down to one. Momma thinks you need the naps to recover from how active you are the rest of the day. Momma needs them too!
You are a very talkative little guy. I especially love it when you catch an eye of me and yell "MAMA", because heaven forbid you ever be put down with me in sight! Besides that and dada you don't have many other consistent words. You are, however, beginning to understand more and more. If we ask you where a ball, dog, cat, or any family members are you are able to successfully point them out.
As long as you are being held or entertained you are one happy little guy. And occasionally mommy can catch a few minutes to herself while you entertain yourself with your toys (or rather your brothers because his are obviously much cooler). I won't complain though because I know all too well how fast this time goes. I am cherishing every minute with my boys! Your toothy smile is contagious and I thank God for it everyday when I get to wake up to it!
I love you to the moon and back Mr. Man! Thank you for being a part of our family!



The first sign your kid has been watching too much TV

Now I have to admit, with all the chaos going on in our house Tyler has watched more than I would like to admit of the old boob tube. My first clue...

Me: Ty, can you go get your pants on for T Ball please?
Ty: *Running around the corner with his white baseball pants* Wow, mom, how did you get all that out? Talking about the nice dirt stain he had gotten on them from his last game.
"Did you use oxy clean?"
Me: *laughing* Ty, how did you know that?
Ty: I saw it on TV.

My second clue:
Alex and Tyler were in the tub together and Alex was being quite "talkative".
Me: Man, I wish I knew what he was saying.
Ty: We should get him that program.
Me: What program?
Ty: That one on TV where we can teach him how to read when he is a baby.


1 minute in the life of a 5 year old (our 5 year old)

T: I planted a corn today.
Me: Oh really?
(apparently he saved a kernal from dinner and secretly planted it in the back yard)
T: How long will it take to grow?
Dad: About 80 days. Did you let it dry out first?
T: No, why?
Dad: Because you have to dry out the kernals for a while before you can plant them.
T: Oh. So it won't grow? My pear tree is growing though.
Me: *thinking to myself "pear tree?"* Hmm.
T: Daddy, what's the fastest plane?
Dad: A Blackbird.
T: Which one does the Army fly in?
Dad: C-130. Ok Tyler, you have 5 more questions and then that is it for now.
T: Which one carries the most people?
Dad: The C-5
T: *Looking at his airplane book* But Dad, I don't see that on here.
Dad: Well, we'll read it when we get home.
T: But dad, which one is your favorite?
Dad: The stealth bomber.
T: Why, what color is it?

Ok, so you get the picture, this kid asks a TON of questions... all day, every day. Although there are times I would rather him just be quiet I remind myself that soon there will be days that I can't get him to talk to me for anything. I WILL cherish these days. I WILL answer his questions to the best of my ability and I WILL love every minute of it. I LOVE him for the curious little kid that he is and I wouldn't change him for bazillion bucks!
(that's another of his favorite conversations, biggest numbers and how far you can count).



One year ago we met Alexander Daniel


and fell in love forever!


Look who's...


Alex celebrated his birthday by waking up at 0630. He didn't want to miss out on one minute of his special day! However, apparently he didn't calculate things too well as he was so tired later in the day that he ended up napping away his birthday anyways. After a 4 1/2 nap...yes, 4 and one half hours... we partied it up at Varlamos Pizza with Nana, Boppa, Cousin Claire, Nene and Marky, Mom, Dad and Tyler. Instead of cake Alex got his very first Varlamos lollipop. He was sticky from head to toe, but he was HAPPY.
(The official celebration will be sunday, stay tuned.)



One year ago today (yesterday)...

Daddy came home for a very special event!



1 year ago today...
I was fat, happy and anxious for my hubby to be home!