It can only get better

I gave up.  I did. 
I gave up on something I loved because I was worried about how it would make others feel.  I gave up writing about the trials and tribulations of being a mom because I felt like I could't write about what I was really feeling.  Today I am letting that go.  I am starting fresh.  I am doing what makes me happy and not worrying about how others might perceive that.  Back to blogging it is.  The nitty gritty.  The down and dirty.  It ain't always pretty but that's our life... and I am proud of it!

2014 was a challenging year.  We were faced with some difficult situations which led to big decisions which morphed into big changes.  We questioned ourselves, we beat ourselves up, but in the end we did what we felt was the best for our family.  It challenged us to be better parents, to look beyond the surface, to go past what we originally thought was best for our kids and to take the not so easy road. And you know what, we wouldn't change it for the world.  We learned, we grew and we survived.  

And in true form, 2014 went out with a bang...  well, with 3 very sick kids at least.