It's on

the countdown that is!
17 days to be exact.

Will he look like this little bean?

or this little bean?

We can't wait to see!
Until then, we are busy getting the basement done, trading bedroom, and washing baby clothes all for this little man's arrival.


Two's not so bad afterall

(written tuesday May 4, 2011)

Today my baby boy is 2!
I am not quite sure where the last 2 years have gone, but here we are with a happy, healthy, headstrong little 2 year old boy and I am in heaven.

Dear Alexander,
Today you are celebrating 2 whole years. We couldn't have asked for a more exciting, busy, entertaining, challenging and fulfilling 2 years either. Although you are well into your terrible two's you are so much fun and I have learned to truly appreciate the good times. You love your momma (thank goodness), bobo, bink and anything that your big brother has. Amazingly you have mastered the iPhone and are always asking to "play games". You are talking up a storm these days. The only quiet time around this house is when you are sleeping. Speaking of sleeping... you remain a champ. Your naps last anywhere from 3-5 hours and much to many people's surprise, you will still head to bed at 8:30, even after napping until 6. I can only hope that this lasts for at least a little while after your baby brother is born!
Some of your mommy's favorite things you say
"Hold you" - when you want me to hold you
"Clean up a Tyler" - when it is time to pick up Tyler from school
"Nease and Nank You" - you are still very good at your manners
You are a very active little boy! We started you in Little Kickers soccer and you love it. Although we only go once a week, you ask every time we drive by Magnuson, "soccer balls?"
Alex, we count our blessings every day that you are a part of our family. You and your big blue eyes have all of us wrapped around your little finger. I am a little worried that this new little guy is going to rock your perfect little world. But I know you are going to be a great big brother nonetheless.
Much to Daddy's chagrin, I am reveling in this mommy phase. You wake each morning insisting that mommy get you up. Though you wear me out and could I use a break from mommy duties, I wouldn't change it for the world because I know this time too will pass all to quickly! Everyone keeps telling me that boys love their momma's. Not sure if that is true later but right now it is and I'll take it!
We love you little man. No matter what the coming months may bring for you, you will always be our little man and we will always love you to the moon and back.

2 year stats:
32 pounds (90th percentile)
34 inches tall (75th percentile)


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The first of many, I am sure.

Tuesday was a first...

Our first visit to the ER.
Alex took a nasty spill off the play structure at Nana and Boppa's and landed himself a visit to the Seattle Children's ER. Six hours, one unhappy ER doc, a visit from plastic surgery, an IV , ketamine, and many stitches later, we were good as new.

Unfortunately all this happened at nap time. Poor little man was exhausted after a long wait in the waiting room and too many people wanting to look at his lip.

His first IV.

All sewn up but still a little sleepy from the meds.

His ticket home- being able to eat a Popsicle. Of course he obliged.

And what did I find Alex doing the very next day (when the sedation finally wore off), climbing on the coffee table and jumping. Ugh! This is definitely going to be my dare devil little boy.