Star Wars 7th Birthday Extravaganza

This party has been in planning for months.  No kidding.  Thanks to a certain Shannon Hofmeister and her talented hubby Todd there was not a single detail missed.  Shannon is pretty lucky Todd puts up with her party planning neurosis.  It was so much fun planning this Birthday Extravaganza with these two.   Late nights, pinterest and a lot of wine was required for the making of this party.
 The bar has been set sky high for years to come.

Venue: The Grand Illusion Theater
Who knew you could rent a movie theater for a birthday party!

Attendees:  27 1st Grade boys (Yes, I am pretty sure I swore I would never do this again last year.).  One 3rd Grade girl.  And one very happy little four year old boy.


When they arrived we quickly confined them to the theater and called them out a few at a time to collect their movie snacks in their party bags.

Tyler was amazed by the spread.

The Menu:
Melted Hoth Water

Darth VaderAde

Princess Leia's Popcorn
(Most of which decorated the theater floor)

Edible Ewoks, Chocolate Asteroids and Boba Fett's Bounty.  These were a hit.

Lightsaber Pretzels

Star Wars Cookies

And Droid Chips

The movie was a success for most.  Although we did learn that you will never make EVERYONE happy.  Boys were boys and flying popcorn quickly made the perfect annoyance for those trying to actually watch the movie.  The commentary during the entire movie was... um... interesting, shall we say.

After the movie we fed the 29 sugar loaded kids some pizza, gave them a cupcake and sent them home with a light up lightsaber.

These cupcake toppers were made by an amazingly talented 15 year old.  Little does she know she made two seven year old boys' day!

Lucky for us Seattle showed us some mercy and we were able to eat lunch outside.

27- 7 year old boys confined in a room for 2 hours while fed absurd amounts of sugar them some more and then handed plastic sticks...
probably not our best idea.

The Birthday Boys

We definitely could not have done all this without a lot of help.  Thank you so much to Grandma B and Kelly for staying up late, assembling light saber napkins, getting up early and toting kids around, being at costume and display when the doors opened and entertaining 3 little ones!  We so appreciate you!

Two of the party planner Extrodinaire's.
And yes, I am wearing Tyler's shirt.

Ahhh!  Success!
Now to start the planning for next years party.

Shannon had the crazy idea to offer this party as a auction item next year.
The insane part of me thinks it would be so fun to do this all again now that all the hard work is done.


Katy said...

OMG!!! AMAZING! What an extravaganza! Landon would flip out! I'm sure it will go down as one of the best birthdays ever and will never be forgotten securing your place in your son's heart as the Best Mom Ever!

Jon & Kathryn said...

WOW! What an awesome party that I'm sure the boys will never forget! I'm curious to see how you'll top that next year. ;)

Heidi Bruch said...

This so beyond words. Awesome details and although we are so out of the loop with star wars garb (girls over here) -what a fab idea for the auction. Do it!

The Land of Luke & Ella said...

This party is incredible! Do you share these printable you made? I love the Edible Ewoks!!! Great job!

meuc said...

So cute! My son is having a Star Wars thememd party so I am looking for ideas. I love the labels for the drinks and the candy! Are those avaiable to download? I am not a very good graphic artist! Thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me the star wars font that you used? I can't seem to find one that you can have a different colors for the inside and the outline of the font. Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

Katherine said...

Is there any way to buy or get the printables for this party? Thanks