Sun River, Or

The Bugbee family (minus 1) headed to Sun River for a little rest and relaxtion before the chaos of school (and work) begins. Tyler, Alex and I got to enjoy the last days of summer with my parents and the Foster family. We spent 4 fabulous days biking (can't believe I didn't get any pictures of that), running, swimming, canoeing, deer watching, frog hunting, chipmunk spying, fort building, s'more making, hot tubing and just plain having fun. The only thing that could have made it better, both Tyler and I agree, was if Daddy was there to do all this with us.
Tyler was a bike riding fool on our trip. The first day we headed out to the pool, which should have been about a mile and a half away. Well, we got there and it was closed. We decided to head down to the other pool, seems simple enough. Uh, no. Colleen gave us wrong directions and we ended up biking around the entire resort... 6 miles! Tyler did not complian once. He is such a champ on his 2 wheels! The high light of the trip for him was catching frogs while out canoeing. He thought it was hilarious to put it near me and watch me scream. Me, not so much! When Tyler wasn't canoeing or riding his bike, or asking to ride his bike, he was in the pool.
Alex was a champ. He slept the entire 8 hours there with the exception of waking up to eat once. He had plently of entertainment from Claire, who couldn't keep her hands off him. Once again, she asked if she could keep him. Sorry Claire, I am a little partial to the boy! He also learned how to laugh while we were there. Now, I am not talking any little giggle, but real BIG belly laughs. This boy knows how to make us work for our laughs though, see here.
As for me, I spent the week relaxing, as much as you can when you are a single parent on vacation with 2 boys. I am enjoying every last minute I have with my boys before Tyler starts school and I head back to work (Septemeber 5th :( ) Colleen challanged me to a few runs of which I politely let her win! It was a fun time had by all. Next year will be even better when we have Dan here to enjoy it with us!

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Alex's newest trick

The things we do to make our kids laugh!


Oh Daddy, we miss you!

The count down is seriously on. The boys and I have escaped to sunny Sun River to help pass the last 7 DAYS until Daddy gets home. I am quite sure this has been the longest 13 months of my life. I am also quite sure that I NEVER want to do this again. Although I am immensely proud of my husband and all that he has done for our country, I am just plain ready to have him home. And although having him home means a lot of readjusting and relearning I am SO READY! I probably get the "you must be so excited to have your husband come home" at least 10 times a day. And, yes I am! But, while I am very excited to have him home I am not quite sure anyone knows the stress that a deployment puts on a family. It will be a lot of work as we are both used to doing things "our way" and not having another to answer to. That being said, I am SO looking forward to having my lover, my best friend, my husband and the father of my children home, it will all be so worth it! I love you babe!

I am ready to experience a little of this...
(his homecoming after his first tour!)
and this...
and this...

and just maybe I will let you do a little of this...



3 month pictures

As much as everyone thinks the boys look a like, I am insistent that they have their own looks. When you compare the pictures you can definitely tell they are brothers but the similarities aren't so great when put side to side. As you can tell, my picture taking skills have improved a bit too.


PEPS... 4 years later

I can clearly remember the first PEPS meeting way back in May of 2005. I walked in and there it was, what my life had become, 10 women, 3 of which were sitting there struggling to feed their newborn wide open in all their glory. I have to admit I had that thought that I should run the other way and pretend that I had never been there. Boy am I glad I didn't. Although, we have lost a few along the way, this group of women is who have kept me sane in journey of raising a son. They are the ones that have been with me through the good and the bad, the think and the thin and encouraged me to keep going. I couldn't have asked for a bunch of funnier, more honest, more open, more amazing women. Although we had each come from different stages in life, we have managed to form a bond that, I am sure, will last a lifetime.
Because the children are all getting older and the schedules more crazy and siblings have taken over, we have settled for our monthly mom's night out and occasional play dates. Last night we met for MNO and in true PEPS fashion, we had a blast. We laughed, we cried, we drank and we had a great time. Thank you ladies for all of your love and support through 2 of the most difficult years of my life. I truly am grateful for having met you all and couldn't imagine my life without you. We truly are going to miss you Lisa and Shawna!
and now!!!


Oh no he didn't...

Oh, yes he did!

Apparently his lack of naps got to him today and he decided the bath would be a nice place to rest. He wasn't so happy when we woke him up to wash him. That's what you get when you cat nap all day kiddo!


Oh man, here we go...

Tyler and I had a very interesting conversation today. It went a little like this...

Tyler: When the earth started how did everything get here, like the people and the tree and stuff?
Me: God made it all for us.
Tyler: But how did he make people?
Me: He is just kind of magic like that, I guess. He wanted us to have this beautiful earth to live on. Don't you think it is beautiful?
Tyler: Yes, but why did he make bad bugs?

The conversation went on for awhile with all the why's and hows. Tyler just blows me away with the questions that he asks me. I mean, come on, he is 4! I think he forgot that little fact.



14 days and counting...

We are anxiously awaiting daddy's homecoming. Tyler has been very carefully counting his m&m's each day. I am not sure he quite understands the concept but he knows that he gets an m&m with his breakfast and that is pretty cool. Nonetheless, he is very excited to have daddy home. There has been numerous instances in the last week that he has come to me, teary eyed, saying that he loves daddy so much and wants him to come home now. I find it a little funny that he gets very upset and is always asking for him to come home yet he refuses to talk to him on the phone. I guess I can't blame him... it would be much better to have him here.
Alex is growing like a weed. He is loving his hands these days. He has even figured out that they work pretty well to either suck on or get stuff into his mouth to suck on. He is such a happy and content baby. He continues to sleep through the night in his bed and we are even getting some naps in in his crib. Tonight was the first night he had some real belly laughs. You could tell he was proud of himself because he would find any and everything to laugh at after he figured it out.
As for me, I am just loving my boys and waiting oh so patiently for my hubby to come home. I have some much needed date nights planned for us. I am just so looking forward to the little things being back in my life... his smile, family dinners, watching him with the boys, going for walks, holding hands, dates nights, I could go on forever.

"I will get this binky into my mouth!"

"Mom, this is definitely not my best angle."

"Listen here Tyler, this is how it is going to go down..."

"Somebody loves me!"

Ahh perfection! I love them!


Not me monday... one day late because that's how I roll!

It wasn't me that allowed my child to run into a co-workers house searching through each room for toys and then leave asking for food. I definitely taught my child better!

It surely wasn't me that let her 4 year old watch an hour of Batman, just to get some peace and quite today. I surely don't allow the watching of Batman, or TV for that matter.

I am not the mother that sucks so badly at cutting nails her child look like he was thrown into a blackberry bush.

It wasn't me that bought 2 double joggers in the pursuit to find "the perfect one", for my child who is, need I say again... 4 YEARS OLD!

I most definitely not drag my 2 young children to the outlet mall and shop for 2 hours all the while bribing good behavior out of Tyler with ice cream.



What a day!

Well, we started out like this,

after walking 4 miles we made it here (the zoo),
and did some more of this

on the way home the kids did a little of this,
while Alex did a little of this,
on the way home I bought myself some of these...
and at home Alex tried to do a little of this...
while Tyler and I did this...
and after the babes were fast asleep I ended my day with a little of this...

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What are they thinking?

There have been many many circumstances when I have stopped to wonder what must have been going through Tyler's mind when he does stuff. But none more than when I went in to brush my teeth last night and found this...



Where is our little boy?

One minute we have a precious little newborn, and the next we have this...

Our little boy is growing up so fast!


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