Me and my kids

It's not very often that I get to be in pictures since I am usually the one behind that camera.  Lucky me, I know someone that love photography as much as I do!  We were able to get the kids to cooperate for a short time and got some great shots.  So happy to have these treasures of my and my littles.  


This little one...

...is giving me a run for my money.  
Graham Henry is at that age.  You know,  that age where you can go from looking at him with googly eyes because he is so freaking cute to wanting to run fast as I can the other way because he is driving you crazy.  His vocabulary has blossomed.  I like to refer to him as my little parrot.  He repeats EVERYTHING.
He's my little side kick... Whether I like it or not.  Hence the lack of posts and edited photos.  It's like a switch goes off in him every times sit down to work at my computer.  The second I sit is the exact second he needs milk, lunch, a cookie, you name it.  But, I remind myself everyday, it's worth it.  So the blog may not get updated, but I will never get these moments back.
Not only has he grown by leaps and bounds socially but also physically.  He really is no longer a baby. He is using the potty on a somewhat frequent basis, which is really exciting.  The thought of having only one kid in diapers for me sounds like heaven.  We have also transitioned him to his big boy bed.  Much to my surprise he has done great.  The crib remain in his room as a threat if he gets out of bed.  So far so good.
Although he shows some signs of missing his brothers while they are in California, I think he is truly enjoying his (almost) solo mommy time.

I love you little man... even if you are trouble.


Happy Fourth

Fourth of July spent with great friends is all we could have asked for.  And that's just what we got.

Love my little firecracker.

Yep, this is the best I could get.

Love me some El!

The celebration continued on late into the night with good times had by all.
Thank you Colleran's for hosting an amazing evening, even if I got in trouble when I got home ;)

(somehow I missed photographing the hosts!)


{Three} Months

Evelyn Anne,
 You are three months old... Wow!  While some days it feels like you have been a part of our family forever, other days it doesn't seem at all possible you have been here for 95 whole days!

Your personality is starting to shine.  While you are the sweetest little thing around, you have a tendency to be a little high maintenance.  Your colic is gradually getting better with some days being better than others.  You are all smiles these days and some coo's.  Well, when you want to be.  When you are not smiling you have the best pouty lip around.  You have started to show a preference for momma.  While it melts my heart, I am quite sure it does the opposite for your daddy and Nana when they watch you.  You may have been crying the whole time I am gone but, as soon as you hear my voice, all is right with the world.  
Your sleep has taken a few steps back to what we should expect for you at 3 months.  You go to bed usually around 8-9 after nursing and a nice tight swaddle.  You are back to waking up in the middle of the night, around 4.  You nurse and go right back to sleep until 7.  Daytime napping is what it is... or isn't.  With 3 brothers you are on the go most of the day.  Some days you sleep  while on the go and some days you don't.  You are definitely not that newborn that sleeps all the time anymore.  Your best naps are usually in the swing in the morning.
You have a love affair with your hands.  They are always in you mouth.  Heaven forbid you make use of them and suck your thumb since the binky was a complete FAIL.

You are now, officially, into 3 month clothes.  Momma has kept a select few of the newborns and still shoves you into them on occasion.  You are weighing in at just over 10 pounds these days.  Almost double your birth weight.  Crazy!  You are still my little peanut though.
Evelyn, you are the light of our lives these days.  Your brothers love you so much and momma just can't get enough of you.