Happy Birthday Sweet Evelyn!

Well, the day has come.  For the last 6 years I have had a baby in the house.  Today marks the end of an era and the opening of many new adventures.  Evelyn is a blessing that I could have never imagined we would have.  She was the most perfect surprise.  The perfect ending to our growing family.  Her brothers adore her, her dad thinks she is pretty sweet and her momma, well that's a whole other story!  She completes us in the most perfect way.  

With her there is never enough pink.  With her there is never too many babies.  And with her there is all the snuggles I could ever want.  I stand no chance against her big blue eyes and curly blond hair.  My heart melts with each "My Momma" and "I yuv you".  

Ok, enough with my gushing.  Evelyn, here is a little bit about you on this, your 2nd Birthday.  You are definitely the baby and are exerting your right to have everything you want.  And sadly enough we usually oblige, whether it is your brothers or us.  I guess thats the perk of being the baby... we are so sick of hearing whining we will do anything to prevent it.  However, I will say, that you have your thank you's down, so at least your gracious.  
You are such the little momma.  A baby is in tow wherever we go.  Oh, and real babies, don't even get me started.  You will be an amazing momma some day, I can already tell.  

Your happiness is a true blessing.  While you may have your moments, you tend to be a happy little camper.  You are content to escape and take care of your babies and don't require constant attention.  Elsa is still a huge hit around here... God help me.  It's pretty cool to have princesses around the house, but if I hear Let it Go one more time I might scream.  
You are talking so much, it amazes me.  Two, three, sometimes four words all strung together.  My favorite was when you came up to me with a big puppy dog lip and said "Momma, A-yex push me.  Bad boy A-yex."  You are quick to discipline your brothers these days, which is pretty hilarious.  I wonder where you got that from.  Occasionally I overhear you disciplining your babies, but mostly just shushing them.  

Eating is not necessarily your fortay.  You seem to be somewhat of a self made vegetarian, although you will do anything for bacon.  Salad is a new favorite of yours and if I don't give you your own, you will make yourself right at home with my plate.  We have mostly done away with bottles but occasionally you will request one and I willingly give it to you.  Anything to keep you little longer.  
You are a mommas girl, there is no doubt about that.  When you here I am leaving your promptly cry and say "no leave momma".  It melts my heart just a little since none of your brothers did this.  There is nothing better than the "MOMMA!" that I get when I get home from a long day at work.  You would have me carry you everywhere if you could.  Luckily, you continue to be mostly easy going, but are definitely starting to exhibit some of the terrible twos.  No's are usually met with a drop to the floor and/or tears.  Thankfully you recover pretty quickly.  

Evelyn Anne, I have said this before and I will say it again...  You are the perfect ending to our perfect story.  While Tyler gets to suffer the wrath of being the first born, you too get to suffer the wrath but in the opposite way.  Each and every day I will remind you that you are my baby, my last.  And each and every day I will make one request of you... please don't grow up.  
I love you baby E!

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