Double Digits...

T minus 1 day and I will be the mother of a 10 year old!  How does that happen?  It feels like yesterday that I was surrounded by my family and friends after emergently welcoming him into this world.  Groggily I talked to Dan on the phone, giving him every last detail of the hurried birth while snuggling the tiniest, cutest little boy I had ever laid my eyes on.  His full head of hair and long toes were among the many things I was so amazed by.  I claimed he had Dan's nose, although that didn't hold true.

Our first year together was bliss.  Tyler proved to be a pretty easy baby.  We got to welcome daddy home and moved into our own hose as a family.  It was so fun to see him learn and grow.  And grow he did!  To quickly.


From his first steps to the first times outs, they were firsts for all of us.  We are learning every step of the way with him.  Soon we will encounter our first dances, first girlfriends and first driving experiences.  Although he is getting older, the firsts will never end with him.  He has weathered our learning curve and always forgives us when we admit to messing up.  With him he knows that everything is a battle worth fighting and he is learning to work with us as we are with him.

Tyler has endured a lot of change this year and done it in stride.  He has found his place at his new school and done so with ease.  We are beyond thankful for this experience and he is too.  This spring brings about another new adventure.  Tyler joined a new baseball team.  Practices are underway and we are looking forward to another exciting season!

Thank you Tyler James, for making me a momma.  For putting up with me.  For making me smile, laugh and even cry.  Thank you for being you, even when we punish you for it.  Thank you for loving me through the rough times.  And most of all, thank you for teaching me how to be the best mom I can be.  I know you hate to hear it, but you will forever be my baby.

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tiffany jeanne said...

That picture of you two welcoming home daddy--holy tears! I guess I didn't realize you gave birth while he was away! Hope you all have fun celebrating the double digits!