learning to love

It's no secret that I am a baby mom.  It's quite apparent by the work that I chose to do.  When I was younger I always much preferred babysitting the babies.  I played dolls until I was much too old to be playing dolls.  Then I had my first baby at the young age of 25.  I savored those baby years, all 9 of them.  I will never forget that feeling I got every time I walked into Babie's R Us, that I belonged there.  But now my babies are not babies and I am learning what it't like to not be a baby mom.  Some days are easier than others.  Some days I relish the sleep full nights, the absence of baby accessories, the nearing of being diaper free.  Most days I don't.  I long for the little things, like rear facing carseats, strollers, Moby's, newborn diapers and even middle of the night feedings.  

I am learning though, that there are fun times to be had.  

The joy I get from watching my oldest do what he loves the most is like no other.  

The pride I have when my six year old learns how to swim and ride a bike, all in one summer!

The excitement I get thinking about this guy in Pre-K.

Or the thankfulness for all things girly that I get to do with this little one.

There is so much more to come!


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