Lake Chelan


Well well well, here we go again.  The guilt of not documenting for the kids has won over.  Hoping to be able to use this as a place to keep memories, funny stories and to share my thousands of pictures that I take.

We'll start with our summer trip to Lake Chelan.  Was it a "vacation"... hell no.  But was it fun... yes (most of the time).  The boys loved the sunshine, water and most importantly, the fishing.  Endless fishing.  

Of course the visit wouldn't have been what it was if it wasn't for friends that we never get to see.  Tyler, Alex and Graham gave Luca a run for his money... or maybe it was the other way around.

The blustery day in Chelan was made better with a go cart ride and dinner at Lakeview.  

I think the highlight of the trip was the boat day.  Tyler couldn't get enough tubing in and even topped it off with a jump of the cliff.  Of course,  Jeff showed them up and did a Olympic style dive.
We tricked Evie into a ride on the tube with Tyler and to her surprise, she enjoyed it.  By the end of the boating day, 6 hours on the water proved to be too much.  Alex, Graham and Evie were all sacked out as we pulled up to the dock.  Needless to say, they slept hard that night.  

She's taken.

What visit is complete with out a visit to Slide Waters.

The Condo pool was a close second to Slide Waters.

Overall, I have to say it was a success, thanks to the amazing wines Chelan has to offer :)